Post your Scammers TRADE accounts

Post your Scammers TRADE accounts image. What I mean is to post screen shots of those who try to take your account. Every time I go in world chat, I get a private message. I am rarely there…lol


English 100


Dude named Map Raptor wants my username and password (he asked both when I was named jhjln87 and Atusiff)

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wow same thing with this guy

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wow… seriously… lmao

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That’s the exact thing he said to me

I know from just watching the chat every once in a while that there are quite a few kids in there that would fall for this, unfortunately. Not the brightest bunch, lol. I feel sorry for those who do get scammed.


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Everyone in those accounts run a same persob so no doubt their grammars, texts and scamming are the same

Everytime I am in chat… fk

Let’s make sure to also add their player IDs to the post :slightly_smiling_face:

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