Post your meme's in here!

Hey guys,as may as you know that you can post memes here! I enjoy meme’s as well so i am going to send this
Mkay? Send all of your meme’s here! Good luck lol

i also have more meme’s but i will post it later


(yeh, i didn’t say i won’t be active in forum and in game, i said i will be less active. and im posting this to cheer up myself at least a bit).


Lel…Wait is that descibable me meme?Omfg i love it xD

is the phone alarm for waking up.

No…my phone is muted accedint
End me

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It’s gonna be a pleasure for me. joke

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There are already so many Meme Threads no need to have more

I don’t care just post your meme’s soo i can see it lol

Here you can post non SM memes.

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How many more do you need?


Fokin hell…Uhm infiniteve…If you want…

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Beatufull but…don’t copy someone’s meme’s?K THX BAI lol