Post what you get here from leveling up rewards

I just reached level 80 and got a fairly decent weapon i belive


Dude, you are very lucky. That is one of the best heat weapons in the game - not as OP as the Valiant Sniper, but close. Make a heat mech and use that baby :grin:

I got to work on my 2nd mech so that will be helpful

Congrats dude, it’s really good weapon

Gongrant’s! Not just becuse you get legy by leveling up but being a lucky guy.

I reached lvl 130 and got a MERCY today

i usually get crap from level up boxes or dont get any

Someday you will get something good…just be patient

ok i am already level 105

I am lvl 130 and I only just got a good item from a lvl up box

thats very nice good for you

I hope you get lucky in the future and get an Awesome item

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almost going to myth an item in 2 mins get ready go to this link General thread - What should I myth next?

I’m not ready… … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … …ok now I’m ready

ok i did it go check out this link General thread - What should I myth next?