Post pictures of your pets


Lol , wasn’t joking, I’ve never seen or heard about such a dog till now…


Well, you’ve seen or heard about such a dog now, so you can’t plead ignorance.


Here is me and Dömper my “little” dog


OMG, the mop dog! He was featured in the Vileda commercial, take a look:

I hope you do not stick the mop shaft into his butt…:smiley:


my pet rock steve

Image result for pet rock gif


Hehe nice video. And no I don’t :smiley:



nice i know what it is but it is on the tip of my tongue argh


Hear me now, Jah Rastafari
Jah Rastafari, Jah Rastafari
Preserve I people, come on
Jah Rastafari, Jah Rastafari
Jah, Jah Rastafari, preserve I people, eh


“I love cats, they are of the few creatures that can not be exploited by their owners.” Umberto Eco.


Does my little brother count?


Is he a furry?




i love cats i have just changed my acc pic to one of mine


Name of this black cat is Amun… in ancient Egypt “Amun” is “the dark”… “the hidden one”


Time to get back on-topic:

This is my actual cat, Harrison, enjoying some time in our garden.


Ey I have a chicken named nugget.
There can only be one.


I have a bearded dragon called Smaug… And a black cat called Buddy…


Image result for ugly pets Look at Fluffy, He Is Soooooooo Cute!


I know someone’s gonna moan about reviving dead posts but I thought I’d see if there was a pets one before starting a new one.

Presenting Sir Fluffypants of Fluffyville