Post pictures of your pets


and if you just type “cool”

it says body unclear, is that a complete sentence?



I just did it :stuck_out_tongue:


now try it without the “i just did it :P”


I had a cute dog but some time back when i was away i not know wat happnd ;mom said it ran away (i still suspect my mom gave it away) seeing all your pets i now feel jealous i will go & get my new cat soon now .


so nice :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:


@Bell Thats so sad :cry:
I know the feeling.



My darling little girl.


@felgrand08 can you show us some of your army dogs? Though they are more than pets.


@Hitmo Sorry bub, but I dont have any pictures of K-9 units. Wish I did.



hahaha I laughed far more than I should have.

Edit: Cute pets guys. I am a huge lover of dogs and kittens, but have yet to have one of my own. Which means my friends pets get spoiled when I am around them :smiley:


My lion retriever


Yiff yiff


my cocker spaniel


Looks like such a good boy



why was that flagged?


Is that a real​ dog?


No, I imagined it and painted it on canvas.