Post pictures of your pets


i can watch Bella for you while you’re in the army. gimme


There was this friend & alliance mate of mine named Missy, she had a spider as a pet & its name was Buffy. If my Skype chat history wouldn’t have got deleted I would have posted it on her behalf.



Post some of ur cats :3
I personally wana see the one that looks like Melanie Martinez.


You’d do something sexual, can’t trust you.


When i first got her , she was just 1 month old , could barely walk , used to wakeup and start making those crying noises in middle of night

Then Around 2 month old

Then around 3 month old

Then around 4

And this one is recent , almost 6 month old

Yes i have every moment caught :slight_smile:


Gimmie doggo pls and thank u


NOOOOOOOO Give me the doggo!!! :’(


¯_(ツ)_/¯ can’t argue with facts


I see this topic is dead for almost 2 months, so I wanted to make it alive again. This is my dog Noah when he was 1,5 months old. (He just got bath and wasnt really happy about it)



I forgot about this topic :slight_smile:
Here’s another pic of my pup


Let me add some more to the cuteness. :smile_cat: :heart:


Looks Cute right?




This is Klaus




My favorite one so far c:


he just chillin :stuck_out_tongue:



jesus christ i hate all of the parameters for a post


You just need over 20 characters. :stuck_out_tongue: