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As a maths loving nerd, I always appreciate a good maths problem :slight_smile:


If I charged my phone at the school charging station for 1 hour and 43 mins and 56 seconds, at 51%, and came back to 48%, what was my average percentage charged per hour?

This is very real I dealt with this at school lol.

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So you lost charging by the time you came?
Am I understanding it correctly?

Yep, the charger was broken lol.

Classic 4/6 marker question: indefinite integral (tanx)^1/2 dx

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69420 Answer to all of lifes problems

I would answer if I knew how to integrate ._.
It hasn’t been taught to us yet lol

I’m still trying to figure out what is 1+1, 1*1, and 1/1??? :crazy_face:

1 duh

lol… You got two out of three right…


Find the inverse of: y = log₃(2x+1)

x = log₃(2y+1)         switch x and y
log₃3ˣ = log₃(2y+1)    log base x of x = 1
3ˣ = 2y+1             log₃ cancels out
3ˣ-1 = 2y             subtract 1 from each side
(3ˣ-1)/2 = y          divide both sides by 2
y = (3ˣ-1)/2          switch sides to make it look pretty

That’s how I’ve learned at least, if you got something else blame the education system


Just remember to use the half-angle substitution and then it pops out naturally

But I think most people would just google it anyway…

One kid brings a Pi to school while another kid brings (2.5x10^-25)% of their father to school.

If the average mass of an adult male is 70kg, which kid brought more to school?

The kids aren’t even specified

daddy boi brought more because Pi is not a physical thing

But daddy boi didn’t bring a father.

what? what do you mean?
he ripped a chunk of the other kid’s dad and brought that to school?

Out of all off topic threads alive,Had to be the maths


Mental abuse to human S


didn’t work amateur coder boi :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: