Post items you think that are "Not Worth Divining"

I’m surprise this one has not been added. So, as is title read, post the items that are not worth Divining.

First one I will post, is AA…

This one has really no change. If the resistance drain were maybe 60, that be cool. Even 55 would do it. This one is just not worth it.


2 dmg can win the game tho
start saying that when you loose to him having 2 hp

That happens everyday for me… lol

All 3 res breakers actually.


I’d say…Rocket Launcher

…Wait, it’s not divinable

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  • All 3 res breakers, because obvious

  • Advanced Repulser, you don’t even myth it

  • The Backfire Scopes. Useless suicide weps

  • Advanced Teleporter, I fail to see on how damage is pretty important on a teleporter (except in very specific strats)

  • The L-M backfire drones (heat and phys ver.), Not essentially as useful as the E-M ones

  • Using logic, you don’t divine weapons you’re currently not planning on divining yet.


anything that isn’t e-m or l-m

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ya but that 1s L-M tbf

hot flash?jumping legs for jumping builds?

rank 1 users dont use stomp anyway


except the 1’s that do loll
lord gorgons dual deso

rank 1 use stomp, and divining legs also gives hp

well it wouldn’t exactly be “worth divining” because you still have all your weapons and shiz to divine

common and rare legs cost 100k and 200k why not didine them?

your clearly not top ranks lol

wouldnt legs be far less worth divining because they only give a few hitpoints and a bit more stomp damage which you won’t even be using? hm?

I did it for the Hp…

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XD your wrong give up its worth doing. also claw is very worth doing lol.


did you forget what i was talking about

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rare legs are worth it simply because its cheep. same with common. ofc unless your poor