Post Claw nerf and readapting

Hey community, hope all is well and happy after that generous portal! I was curious about how many of you decided against using the Claw after this recent nerf. I am curious how those that did drop Claw are ra-adapting. Any and all thoughts are most welcomed and appreciated!

(I’ve seen a somewhat sizable resurgence of roller legs…anyone noticed this as well? I’m sure the Claw nerf had something to do with that:))

Not much has changed aside from the fact I run four weapons now (better stats) and a bigger attitude towards energies. c:

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I think the claw nerf is terrible.
We didn’t ask for low dmg and pushs.(Acctualy no pushs are fine…)
I think that claw deserves nerf.
The nerf is about nerfing his HP,not his dmg.

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I agree with that, it’s odd, the community can hold a legit poll on nerf specs and literally hand the list to the devs, make there life easy in the process because now the thinking is done for them, and it’s like they go almost the opposite direction…,sigh…)

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the claw nerf has basically no effect in top ranks.
People still use it due to 860 hp.
the damage is now poop, ultimate poop.
I don’t have the claw, so no effect to me!

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May I remind you …

  • SeraphBlade

  • EMP

  • The Claw

… yes they got nerfed …

BUT the changes are for ALL players the same :exclamation:

It is not like, the nerfs only count for your account / items, no, they count for all players the same :exclamation:



Seraph was fine nerfing it…
EMP is totaly terrible for 70KG.
The Claw is not even that good anymore. They need to nerf the HP

Minding you again.

So far the general consensus is that the Claw nerf obviously sucks and was misdirected , other then adapting to the no kb, not much change has been noticed regarding the decrease in Claw population…I would like for others to chime in as well if they noticed anything

I alredy said about the new feedback.

Hope that they make a new one

At the very least, when they nerfed the damage to stomp, they should have added a resist damage component to compensate Phys for using it.

That way it may not do as much damage but it still made it so you could to more with other weapons.

That keeps Heat and Energy from using it as much and doesn’t make stomp practically useless. Would have to be a healthy resist drain though.


Nerf was needed :exclamation:

Nerf was correct, it is still a good weapon, but not OP anymore :white_check_mark:


Nerf was needed :exclamation:

Nerf was correct, it is still a good weapon, but not OP anymore :white_check_mark:

I read tons of arguments about game balance with EMP … 2 things about :

  • a single item should not be needed to balance a whole game (reason for the unbalance is a different)
  • no-one said you have to use the EMP, its still a very good weapon, use it if you want, it still works fine …

Example :
Haze42o5 beat WIwG (last week Single winner) twice with his 2 mechs …

  • 1292 HP Energy EMP mech vs 2626 HP with 660 Energy (without Arena Bonus :exclamation:) :exclamation:
  • 1591 HP Energy EMP mech vs 2157 HP with 564 Energy (without Arena Bonus :exclamation:) :exclamation:

The Claw

Nerf was needed :exclamation:

Nerf could have been different :exclamation:
As suggested -160 HP + 19 kg (to its original weight 169 kg) without taking away the Push Back, same stomp power (or at least half), would have been best solution in my opinion :exclamation:

So The Claw is still a little OP (disadvantage who has none) :x:


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They needed nerf but in the other way (Except for Saraph).

I guess Ts just makes mistakes…

I 100% agree with you here.

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Would you rather nerf HP?
Or damage nerf?

I’m talking claw here.

Wlgwg played like a boot.
Also he has a poor build, for mid and long range.
Hezo also had alot of luck… 8 hp survive on first mech.
Plus wlwg, uses claw, and has only cap, regen is low.
And once uses his charge and hook… he just sits there to be shot like a hp bag.
Irelevant example.
Emp is still uselss… worst nerf ever.
Made the energy disapear from top ranks, and made the lower ranks not use it.

Now let’s nerf some more the Claw… this is selfish… it only helps ths Platplat users(2/mech).
The nerf to the claw, made it unusable by Energy/heat unless they have premium items(heat has the hammer now), but energy only has buldog and axe(premium).

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The HP is to much to be a fair item for all players (also the players who do not have The Claw or even 4 - 5 of them) :exclamation:


if you think like that
platinum platings make a huge difference between players,well if you have more than 1,and is much harder to get a platinum plating than a claw


It is a perfect example :exclamation:

Haze42o5 won vs WIwG 2 times :exclamation:

WIwG tried for Gold Medal, so he took it very serious, but this time I won Single Gold Medal :slight_smile:

A fact :exclamation:

You always argument against, just to argument against :exclamation:


Your explanation is totally irrelevant :exclamation:

Well said.
Claw provides some help to those that lack platplats.
Even a bit the ods.
While having a sever disadvantage unless you are a phis(dual anihil) still works with it.
But for the rest :
Heat needs 1-2 range(hammer serves ok), but unless you have another premium wepon foe range 2… you are still dead. Also heat is weak in general.
Energy needs buldog or axe to use it…
So yeah sever disadvantages.

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be serious
nerf? i will call it balance,why?
because now players without claw have a chance in front of claw users
nobody used claw for stomp dmg
they use it for that huge amount of hp