Possible Future updates


Out of topic:
Do you know if the next update is going to bring us some new items?
(Side weapons in particular)
I’d be happier seeing a new side rather than a new drone

2.0 Repair Drone, Bring back the horror!

Im waiting for a physical weapon … there was a new: energy drone epic-myth
Heat weapon legendary-myth - got tonns of them easily

Phy weapon legend-myth - I don’t think anyone has it yet though xD

Heat torso - epic - myth - easily available



I have no idea what future updates will entail sadly :confused:

but i know some sprite artists have been making a mix of things including sides, swords, torsos and drones


Could u share the names or their works? Maybe they have YT channel or smth like that


Thanks,was really curious
Looking forward for the upcoming items from future updates!
Gotta check what the artists shared to get an idea of what’s to come.


A new side weapon will be added soon.


I know the look of it and the name but I don’t know can I spoil. :frowning:


Hope they will make my legs for heat and pshy


How did you know that ? ^^

(It could break the game’s balance a bit more, but I’m looking toward the day where the reloaded Regen/Cooling Blockers and/or Generator/Engine Breakers will be out…specially the Blockers…)


Well i for one am betting on some heat legs 3 space mivement.
Cause they are missing them atm.
Also willing to bet, that they are not gonna be that great(probably low hp, with low heat dmg)


Go to super mechs community Facebook page and watch the latest video that page shared also be sure to check out the comments :wink::wink:


I wanted to make some rolling legs… will see if I can make a set if heat rollers. Will be a while away though.


I’ll check that sooner or later, thanks ^^



I dont actualy see the use if a 3 movement heat legs.
Heat builds are generaly static, they rely on either high dmg output(reckoning and magma blast, paired with dessolation and charge/hook) or push mech with suprem cannon and rocket side, and a lava scope, or extra grimson rupture, or the heater build dual corupts with savagery, or flames with heron mark, or some odd grinsome rupture flame heron mark.
The 3 movement feet serve better the phis build for closing distance and anihilation, or energy builds that need to breack distance, and use valiant sniper.
The 3 movement heat feet, don’t really have a use atm, since they dont have a valiant sniper equivelant.
But then again, let us have it and i am pretty sure we find them a use.


Remember our 3-sprite rule. :wink: