Positive thread towards players


I don’t have much time to interact a lot with others lately… I limited myself to doing only arena matches because it’s the only part of the game that keeps me playing…
It doesn’t make me progress at all and I barely can upgrade stuff because of how little you get from multiplayer…

But as mentioned before, multiplayer is what brought me into this game and even with nowadays flaws some fight are fun and epic! Whether you win or loose!

I see so many negative thread around that I decided to at least point out what’s good and some players deserve a good respectful nod !

I’ll start with my last matchup against @lazerski ! I lost but damn it was close till the end!
Always have to concentrate to have a chance to win against him!

So feel free to add a tap on the back to other players!

We are what’s keeping this sinking ship from fully drowning…


Thanks Rovo, great thread.

For now, my special nods go to my favorite Reign players:

Rovolution: Always fun battling you. Both of us don’t have a choosing luck problem when facing each other, but never know which way it’s gonna go.

Frawatuet: Has come a long way with innovative builds. Even if I choose right, it’s damn hard to get past that 145 phys res on his energy. Quite an accomplishment when I win.

Go Astros: Also has come a long way as a player. I’m happy to see him getting to the top, and would love to see him get gold soon. Very polite and deserving. One of my arena friends. Please get him to the forum.

All the above are gentleman warriors, and due respect and best wishes to them.

P.S. I don’t do the GG or in game chat thing as far as possible. For some reason my iPad goes into slow motion when I click the chat icon. So please let the above know, as I would have liked to give them their due respects in game.

Again, thanks Rovo.

I will do this with top clans one by one. Next is Trolls Fast.


Oh, nice thread @Rovolution… Well, the good thing lately that made me keep liking the game was a battle i had against @SeanChoi1870… a pretty tough battle to me, as he had better equipment at higher tier… i had sworn i would lost, but in the end i end up winning because of my res…a lucky resistance saved my ass in one hell of tough battle to me, but it was really worth and satisfying to fight a great opponent like him :slight_smile:


I have to give a nod to bobson. He isnt on the forums, and has some pretty good f2p mechs built. Very interesting f2p mechs, well thought out. I run into him at least once if not twice per day. Thats what folks from 3-4 do, after all. We always have a good fight, and the deciding factor is who picks which mech. Always nice and polite, he gets me more than I can beat him, but it is still a good rumble either way.

It is a breath of fresh air because usually at 3-4 you are matched with a p2w or lucky person from 2 that has 23 claws, 4 vs, and 3 plat plates, or some poor ■■■■■■■ at 5 that needed to be fodder for you. Kudos bobson


I like fighting players that are friendly like you


Thanks for the good post Rovo. Some good positive things wont hurt indeed.
Ill start with a shout out for @Miron_Mironovich, da moonshine maker is one of the very best lads around added to a great clan leader.
We started facing each other way back. We were at middle ranks, and we still face each other these days, always a pleasure to have my arse kicked by him.


Okay, so this post goes out to my favorite players from Trolls Fast:

Miron: This guy is a legend, and has my greatest respects. I once joined his clan for a very short stint, just because I felt he was a great guy and desired to make a few new friends. Unfortunately, both our setups, his full energy line up, my anti-energy focused line up, doesn’t allow him to win against me currently. I always feel bad to face him knowing I’ll probably win. Anyway, great player and was one of my role models early on in the game.

Cousin Joe: Now this guy is a great contributor to the forum, and has come very far, very fast, as a player. Right now, I find him to be one of the most challenging to battle, and it’s always close. I just can’t stand your double teleporters Joe. Look forward to more epic battles.

Doge: Very tricky guy with his shields and Brightroar. Well thought out builds. Always a challenge to face.

In closing, I will mention that as far as I know, all Trolls Fast players are very well cultured and polite. Miron runs a great clan full of the best up and coming players. I wish all members well for the future. Great bunch!

@Miron_Mironovich @cousin_joe @Mhylow @Ztsky @Winz_Kay


I’m also playing 95% of the time on my phone so I’m game chat is a pain to use…

I didn’t mention @lordgorgon and @El_Metre because we know how incertain the outcomes of our matchup will be … always a challenge!

Another great player who got back where he was way before reloaded is @powtaito!
This guy might not have to best inventory but he rarely does any mistake in a fight and is always creative!


Thanks Mr.E,

Yes, the games are always so close. No worries, I have a few other tricks up my sleeve.

Lord Gorgon is currently my arch nemesis. Great player and lots of respect though :grinning:. He always seems to show up as my next opponent when I’m trying to make rank or get a good win streak going :grinning: