Portals gone for good?

Are portals a thing of the past now that we have the raid feature? @Mohadib @Sarah247

Actually it’s been a really long time since last item portal (17 Dec, http://community.tacticsoft.net/t/new-item-portal-zarkares-portal/9682).
I see around people are pretty happy with last updates (Clan overhault, Raid) but pretty disappointed with the lack of an item portal.
Golden ones are okay, but 1 item portal per month should be a non written rule, imo.
It’s not too much and spread satisfaction through the playerbase.


I wonder as well…

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We all wonder when a item portal will pop up :sweat_smile:

soon splatter
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Hi Splatter…!! morning

You are asking the pig, the $ 4, and the daughter of pig caregiver…

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Morning Wep!

Uhm, I’m deeply sorry then, I didn’t realized I was asking too much demanding an item portal after 2 months of nothing :joy:

But now, thanks to Aador words

we will suffer from karmic counterbalance and won’t see it anytime soon :sweat_smile:


hahaha… was a joke…!!

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I know, I know, I was speaking ironically too :smile:

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New item Portal is up now! :slight_smile: