Portal scheduling


I think that there should be a list of future portals that will be happening with a description just don’t put the exact time/date so that people don’t go on just for the portal.

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theres absolutely nothing wrong with the idea. Except for the fact that you don’t list the date. The name of this topic is Portal Scheduling Doesn’t that imply that it shows the time that the portals are to be schelduled? Other than that, the idea would help players who don’t have a good sense of time work towards managing it better


He means that TS should add a public scheduling for portals.


there i have made a slight edit


Although I do enjoy being surprised when a portal comes out, it would be nice to have an idea of what kind of portal we might get soon.


@Sarah247 since all 25 voters has answered yes i like this idea could you please make a post for upcoming portals.


i guess it could this is a great idea