Portal has been turned off


i dont care how i look and no thx for posting max legendary stats and level 1 legendary stats ?


We are all greatful.


i think i desever a thank you for that





i will keep you guys uddated on lightning scope stats as well as i can


Also is this a cooler of lamer version of it? image

yay 1 like aready


Of course, it looks too cool. It should be “liked”.


Big ego you got there…


Gold portal does not give items , only gold. Your joke failed…

I wish i get scope for my collection


welp like i said it was probley glitched


well, now at max energy drain and energy damage(20% each), once the opponent is drained, I bet this monster can do over 1000 damage.



I’m gonna put myself out there and just say this…

Happy Portal Day everyone!


We gonna find out soon mate

Hope for a portal


Maybe it is a new commen- commen item?,



Will the portal start with daily quest reset or will it start after PvP Gold Rush ends?


Probably after the arena madness.


I’m hyped :slightly_smiling_face:


I wonder if it’s immediately after the pvp rush or a couple hours after that because I’m wondering if I should stay up


wondering that as well, I think it’s set to release right after the arena madness though…


That’s good… It will still be in the early stage of the night for me

But who knows for sure, right?