Portal has been turned off


Lol that won’t happen.

Not too much of us



o well then no mythical stats for you :smiley:


I don’t even care…

It probably has familier stats to flaming scope.


Higher energy damage (I’m guessing 250+). 18 res, likely 150-170 cost, 31 or so heat cost, and around or exactly heat scopes damage stats.


nope not even close guys xD


and damage isnt even that good at mythical

its best trait is energy drain but damage is weak compared to flaming scope


People do portals for lms
Just give us that damn portal!


thanks a lot
i owe you
man lightning scope looks really strong! i think the drain may be higher than the heating in flaming scope


First of all it was a server side bug so the players wont get punished and also the players that have the tokens wont have tokens taken away. If they wanted to take away tokens they wouldve rerolled the server right after they took portal down


My guess would be 283 energy drain.
Since the korupt light 93 heat damage /0,75= 123 nrg damage of the malice beam.
Crimson 135 / 0,75= 180 nrg of the ash creator
Desert snakes basic 37/0,75= spinefall basic 49 nrg
Basic legendary bersion of flaming scope is 111/0,75= 148 (147 in the screenshot)
So the 212 of the maxed flaming scope/0,75= 282 nrg damage for the lightning scope



ill post stats when i max it out .

whish me luck everyone


Do show it at lvl one mythical?



387-497 damage

197 energy drain

:smiley: i hope you guys found this useful plz leave me a like :smiley:


Seems like more drain, less damage. Maybe it wont be op!


Nice try, but you took my screenshot…which I edited myself.

lol depressing.


dude just got dis from gold portal while ago and just now posted it :expressionless:




in fact i leterraly reported it to devs plz report it as well cause i think it was a glitch


The joke failed, dont lie about it, it only makes you look bad.


ok imma take it down to prevent a fight :smiley: