Portal has been turned off


oh… that’s all? i thought it would be something worst


o well , i hope it has good mech insurence for all of that crashing


That was the first part of the bug for lightnings mission.

The second part included a token glitch. Where refreshing would grant you with 10 tokens every time. So refreshing (depending on a few things) would net you 40+ or more tokens a minute. (if you continued ‘farming’ it).

Given the bugs gone and shouldn’t be back. I feel it’s okay to say this. (while also showing you it was worse lmfao).




wow… they should at least gift the users that didn’t take this glitch as a benefit just because basically everyone else who did now has an advantage over the others…


The thing is, a lot of people abused a glitch. Rather than ignoring it. TS lost thousands worth in tokens. So uh them giving people bonuses just because others got to take advantage of a system glitch is never happening. lol


whale then there goes my hopes
i see people left and right who abused this glltch while i was off finishing my HM…


That s like leaving a bag wih 10 000$ dolars on the street,losing them,and then crying because you lost your money


What Transcendant said. :laughing:


I am still waiting for discount.


hello sarah, you say said to mohabib: be precise and correct, he makes too much mistake game

balance system buys premium box or premium park are disaster.

I am player plus 5 years, regular active and buy regular tokens
campaign and portal I do not win a legendary,thousand hours worked without success
so I do not win anything it’s not normal


well there is also the glitch where you can walk through the walls after beating enemy

and also the glitch where if you bought premium account while on the portal it gliched out and gave you “NA” tokens— it literally said, “NA”


but when you have “NA” tokens ( which means not avalible) it basicly amounts to 0

i had 178 tokens the after the glitch i have 0 now so im outraged but hey, they are only tokens :expressionless:


anyone want the level 1 legendary lightning scope stats?


i do
i want to know how strong it is at legendary



your welcome HunterKnight :smiley:


I wish someone would max this thing already…but gratzi m8


i would but i’m working on somthing else


maby like 100 likes for level 1 mythica :smiley:


level 1 mythical lightning scope stats i mean