Portal has been turned off


You are of context.
PyroBlitz replied to my post about taking away tokens and making exploiters go into negative amount if they spent the tokens.
So my reply to him also refers to TS taking the tokens away and not to the raid issue.

Btw. you can check which post someone replied to if you click the name in the upper right corner.

That is why I know that you replied to this post:

And that post was about taking away the tokens from the exploiters and not about raid.


No portal this weekend.




i was really looking forward to farming for lightning scope!
i already saw some people with it!
and im stuck without it!
is not fair!


during all this time until some time now i was like "is this thing rare or what?"
but then someone told me that it didn’t exist


xD hunter ikr we so screwed and its not our fault


I mean, did you ever run flaming scopes portal?

That was insanely difficult (I think mord made one of the few videos on it that I could find at least).

Lightning Scopes portal won’t be easy. So expect very few (especially due to drops) to have it. I’m hype to get it (hopefully). Maxing that baby out quickly.


tbh i think the purpose of reckless beam was so it could last longer in fights but then the devs realized that everyone would rather have limited uses in their weapons and deal a lot of damage rather than survive longer and do less damage for no limited use



im sure it will be added eventually


i didn’t go to the flame scope portal cause i came back at around when they released the zark torso
i used to play but then i quit and then came back at around that time (but a bit back from that) so i didn’t get to see the flame scope portal


Neither did I, was out of town at the time. But from having seen some of the videos on it. The portal was pretty damn difficult.

(I feel like Lightning Scopes may/will be as difficult but after running normal (which is a bad thing to go off of). Idk if they may actually make it AS difficult as heat scopes).

Guess we’ll need to see.




:smiley: i managed FOR MY COMUNITY FAIMLY


but i’ve seen people in low ranks of 12 have the new lightning scope so i think that it wasn’t as difficult as the flame scope
of course they never got to fire the thing since they dont have the necessary weapon style


Anyone who has the new Lightning Scope got it from a box. It was impossible to get from the portal since it was bugged.


oh… how so?
what was the bug this time?


well if you watch barby < ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE :slight_smile:


ding dong your opinion is wrong

i really dont know why they even made barby and tbh i dont even want to know




Game crashes when you finish the mission, you get no box.