Portal has been turned off



Scope is 23 kg.



You missed the “f” in “Perfect”. :sweat_smile:




All can be… Even you can live in Matrix… but we don’t know that… I only know that this bug destroyed my result in raid table so I have skipped one day… I wish it will be returned and I can continue play)


I had that almost happen to me, too.
But luckily I noticed it 1 hour before the raid renewed.
That is also why I immediately started a topic to inform the players who were still on to check their raids if they had the bug, too.
But unfortunately anyone not on at that time probably missed this and could not redo raid on time.


@Mr.E pin this one, since it is the latest anouncement, regarding the portal.

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Pfff~ They’d never do this, that would scare a (potential spender) player away from the game for good.


Raid is also have problem


Today it must tier 4, idk why is tier 3?!?


Because you guys played the portal.
Dat portal is probably bugies so far.


A small price if you get tokens


Really? Raid issue with day switching


How would that scare potential spenders away?
It would punish bug exploiters who make it meaningless to buy tokens with money.
So it would encourage spending money because the potential spenders would know that exploiters who get tokens unfairly get punished and hence giving paid tokens a better advantage over others.


Yesn’t (who knows? Lol.)


Tokens are worth much more than raid.


You are out of context.

I replied to PyroBlitz’s post:

And he replied to this:


The clearance mark for raid tier was reset if you were in the portal bug.
Once the bug was removed the raid tier counted as “uncleared” again even though the score was kept.


No i’m not i replied to raid vs robbed tokens.
1 day lost in raid wil not scare someone who made 2k tokens XD.

…And they will not decrease someone tokens.
Don’t even fucking hope that.

They even don’t know who got this tokens XD


Score was kept… intresting.