Portal has been turned off


Max only 3500 tokens


Just imagine when you get a lot of tokens.

You will become like pay to win players lol
Also max 3500 tokens? Didn’t know that.


I didn’t know that.
But he stated that as an example for the calculation.

Though it seems unrealistic, atleast we understand his point.


max currency amount is like 1.437 Billion.

Considering sm runs on a byte system


After update

I respect just some devs from ts team

Sm have tones of problems,i have many reasons

Unfair drop rates
F2p have no chance to enter top 10
All our precious items from before update can be changed for some useless power kits
Unfair match makers
Leaving hakers to do whatever they want
No support team(i lost at least 30 mix boxes from emp portal,i wrote to support,i m still waiting my answer)
Make the game harder with every update
Every update introduce new bugs
Don t care about their comunity and comunity opinion

There are many more




Well that’s true.
But they at least heared our feedback.

The feedback was half succsesfull.Soo they have done something wrong at past


Nonsense, really?
It takes a few seconds to reload the game.
And each time you got 10 tokens.

Let us say it takes 10 seconds to reload and get the tokens on a computer.
Then that makes 60 tokens in 1 minute.
An hour has 60 minutes, so 1 hour gives up to 3600 tokens.
Now the bug was on for how long?

I think 3 hours for sure probably longer. So 3600 tokens * 3 = 10800 tokens.
If someone dares to exploit the bug heavily then that person surely would have no issue to run some script or so for auto-reloading the website = game every 10 seconds.


Just want to see the person who ~3h without any break will press on refresh button lol))


I wish there was a friendship between players and devs


Sarah has good friendship.
Nothing wrong with that.


You missed the part with the script.
There are lots of ways to have an auto-reload going on and the player can just go away from the computer doing something else for 3 hours.


auto clicker ^


Sarah isn t all tacticsoft team
I apreciate her for her work


You also need some time to setup this script clicker… how this person will know if this glitch will not disappear in nearest 10 min?


If this bug was still there…i wonder if phone users can get tokens while they are re-clicking at game.


Of course she isn’t.
In fact,she need’s her help and even friends.

I understand the ts’s business


10 minutes?
More like 10 seconds.
Look for programs which copy mouse movement.
Then simply record the click on reloading the website and put it on auto-play every 10 seconds.


pff… anyway you need a time for setup this… at least 10 minutes to download/setup it… this game have other issues so not sure if TS team will check all players who have more than 1k tokens+)) but they’re should have at least charts with top amounts of tokens and gold per player, so basically compare them and it can show difference…


You assume that those players need to download the programm first.
Has it ever occured to you that they might have those programms already installed on their computers for other games?

How bad is your internet connection if you assume 10 minutes are needed for downloading and installing such a programm?
I have no idea how big they are but I assume that the programms should not have that much space needed.
So maybe 10 MB?
In that case downloading it would take a few seconds.