Portal has been turned off


Will we get the portal today again? @Sarah247


I asked that too,still no answer


Maybe next weekend.



At least they should tell us
Yes or no
Is that hard?


Yes.(They should)
Ts is probably trying to fix it as fast as possible.


Hope so,but if it s like that,we gonna have a portal today


Well they have told us that they won’t be back till tomorrow.
Soo it’s some kind of business they have to fix.


The point of having the token account become negative is based on the player having abused the bug.

For example:

A player started with 0 tokens, then got the bug and used it to get 10000 tokens.
Now that he can go back into the game after the bug is removed he can spend those 10000 tokens on premium packs and premium boxes.
After that the player uses ALL those items in order to boost his regular items by leveling up or upgrading to higher rarity.
With that ALL the tokens are gone and ALL the items obtained by the tokens are gone, too.
So TS cannot take away those 10000 tokens or the items gotten with those tokens from the player.

Therefore how would you punish that player now?
The only two ways left are

  1. take away all legendary and mythical items = making all his upgrading useless in the end.
  2. resetting the account completely.

My suggestion is now to take away the amount of tokens the player has cheated into his account by using this bug.
So if someone used the bug to get 10000 tokens and then his token count will be reduced by 10000 tokens.
Only if the player used the tokens already then his token count will naturally become negative.

My suggestion to give players one month time to even out that token count to 0 or higher actually allows players who only used the bug in moderation to still keep their accounts by playing the game and earning tokens fairly.
Only players who exploited the bug in excess would have to either pay or lose their legendary and myth items.


Some people didn t slept waiting for portal
They really don t care about their comunity


Then they must care about winning.
That’s for sure.


Of course because f2p are poor af
They don t get thing for their builds so sales and portals are the only chance


Ah, I see. So that’s how it works.
I’m getting the point now.

I thought you meant reduce the tokens to like, -3000 or something. My bad.

After some thoughts, I really don’t see any other way but to punish players this way. I guess I agree on you with this.


And that’s the truth.
Tbh but i waited for portal yesterday.

I’ve never wanted to wait portal while not sleeping


wrong , they are a busy company.

And its their day off during weekends.
Just give TS time


Don t understand me wrong,but ts lost my respect long time ago


Is it the time when 2v2 battles apeared?



I would never demand a general punishment for players who got caught up in a bug but are willing to return whatever the bug gave them.
Unfortunately many players who got the tokens from that bug probably intend to use the tokens before TS takes the tokens away again.
And that is just unfair to all players - free and paying - who play the game honestly.


10000 tokens???


It’s just an example meng.


A very unrealistic example