Portal has been turned off


Hey Pilots,
I am aware we had an issue with the portal.
It has since been turned off.
When the devs wake up I will find out what happened and see about getting the portal back up. I will not have anymore information until tomorrow.
I appreciate everyone that sent me messages about this.

Would they do lightning scope portal today or it is gone

I missed the free token glitch XD

all you lucky people who didn’t lol


Will the tokens be taken away?


Maybe you could give extra days for the item portal once it actually goes up? Since many players expected it to be 12 hours ago.

Maybe 3 days instead of the usual 2 days.


Make sure they get enough sleep tho they work hard. :+1:


ok ok now my game just doesn’t want to open from this glitch

first it was giving me the tokens and let me see mission compeleted and reconnecting but now it just says please wait and doesn’t want me to join the game

so what now ?


huh what happened?
there was a portal?


yup lighting scoap its the energy verision of flaming scoap and there was a tokens glitch with it and it was not working


lightning scope!!!
this thing must be op!
if the flame scope already hit like a truck this thing must hit like sephiroth’s meteorite!


i think it will be like the flaming scope in every thing but doing more energy dmg like what every energy weapon do more energy dmg more then the heat version of it does less heat damage


welll yeah… so it’ll probably do around 350+ or so… that think will be our demise
and the cost is probably going to be the same but inverted


Meanwhile, he was never seen again. In peace rest “Georgie”.XDDDDD


yup that is what im saying


I do not want to play against people who used that bug to get thousands of tokens and can use them now before the “devs wake up”.

Ideally TS might be able to make a negative token count in the player accounts in case the players already used the unrightfully obtained tokens.
Then they should get 1 month to balance the count back to 0 or higher - either by buying tokens or by earning enough tokens by watching ads, doing raid and so on.

In case a player does not even out his token count to at least 0 within 1 month TS should then remove ALL legendary and mythical items from that account - not just including the items equipped on mechs but ESCPECIALLY those equipped on mechs.
To ensure the player could still build at least 1 mech he/she would then get 1 random epic torso and 1 random epic leg added into their accounts so that they can do campaign.

This would be a suitable punishment in my opinion.
That would also definitely scare anyone away from ever trying to exploit such a glitch in the future in case it happens again.


Just what ‘The Doctor’ ordered. :smirk::sweat_smile::wink:


I’ll see you later portal…
One day,i will get you.


This is very bad and cruel imo.
What about us players who missed the portal and is f2p?

This is basically erasing everything we worked hard for.
And not everybody has time to get tokens to 0 or above in a month.



At least can you tell us if there will be a portal today or not?



Why would that be cruel?
It is forbidden from exploiting a glitch or bug.
So if you use the unjustly obtained tokens to buy premium boxes or packs then you should have to either pay back those tokens or have your account reset in case you do not pay back the tokens.

If you do not want to be punshed then you should not use the unjustly obtained tokens to begin with.
So using the tokens and then expecting to not receive heavy punishment is like demanding to be allowed to abuse glitches and bugs to your advantage against other players.

Btw. if you have a decent mech and do raid, portals and the campaign for tokens then one month should allow you to get like 500 tokens easily (4-5x 100 from raid + rest from campaign and portals).
Therefore the only ones who would be screwed by such a punishment would be those that clearly exploited the bug on excess gathering 1000+ tokens unfairly to use them before they are taken away.


Yes, I know that. But why this?

Also, I think you didn’t mention that this only happens to those who exploited the bug. Unless this was not your intention.

And I never exploited this token glitch because I basically missed the portal.

Removing tokens to zero is bad enough. Why should it bring down to a negative value?
And chaos will rise if some players suddenly lose all their legends and myths.