Portal freezes to me

Also, my problem with the tokens remains unresolved. Also, I don´t know what’s wrong with my account that I can not buy mythical plates.

Besides all this, which in itself is quite serious, it turns out that now I cannot play portal because it freezes in the first battle.

What I do? Why does all this happen with my account? I see that nobody claims for these things, only to me it happens?


it happened to many of us


There it´s and it does not let me go further. I already tried a few times.

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Same, wasted 12 fuel there.

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It´s true! consumes fuel!

The most difficult part of this is that. What is spent with tests.

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I have the same issue. This game is full of bug and cheat, no more words

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Either the team is working very badly, or they don´t invest in better tools or all this happens because nobody is interested in keeping this game alive.

They are too many problems. When it is not one thing, it´s another.

Hi Wep, It’s not just you, it’s also happening to me lpmqtp

What makes me angry is that I have already lost 3 refueling loads. And I do not have any more time because I’m going on vacation for a few days, so I do not have electricity, or internet…

They should delay the portals, until they are sure they work well, then publish them…

When reloading the page, the game is not saved!
Fuel is lost, I think it’s not worth a portal like that…

A hug friends, see you in a few days :grin:

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Whatever, good luck …!

Thanks :relaxed: :+1: greetings

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One of my hobbies is photography, so those places where only God lives, I love them!


SMdevs work result:



Same issue. Wasted 30 fuel now. SM gonna give it back?

Sorry, but the devs for this game are probably 2 bit interns. Very UNPROFESSIONAL!

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its just a bug.

chill meng

not JUST, it is a traditional :rofl:

this is the 2nd time it ever happened lmfao

Constantly-each time, someone on forum wrote, think portal without wingding was only Zakaria. Sometimes fast fixed, sometimes like now.

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