[POLL] Why do Devs Fail to Address the Bugged Clan War Results Display?

This has got to be a new low in Game Design…

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For 6 weeks Clan Wars has been out, and they still haven’t fixed (OR EVEN ADDRESSED!) the Bugged Clan War Results Display

For example, in the last Clan Wars, Trolls is clearly ahead of RR with 30min remaining, 90% to 86% in the 2nd Round as per the raw data


Thirty minutes later, Trolls are given the S+ Box for the win, yet the Display shows a loss:

Trolls won the 1st round 89% to 86% as per raw results, yet the display also shows a loss. This has happened in other Clan War results as well.

What appears to be consistently happening, is that roughly 3-4% of Team A’s results from the 1st round of Clan War, are removed, and given to Team B for the 2nd round of Clan War. In lopsided matches, the winner will still be declared correctly (though %'s will be off), but in close matches, this will change the numbers enough to display the win for the wrong team.

Evidence for % Points being shifted from Team A Round 1, to Team B Round 2

So while the winner correctly receives the Winner’s Box (based on raw data), the final display is in error because of this shift. This causes a somewhat nebulous result.

This bug has been talked about for 6 weeks, and the Devs fail to do anything about it, or even address it. Because they have chosen to leave us in the dark, we can only guess why they are doing so…

Why do Devs Fail to Address the Bugged Clan War Results Display? (poll is anonymous)

  • Not enough programmers - even though it’s been 6 weeks and no response, let’s give them the benefit of the doubt
  • They stopped reading the forums and addressing QA - and basically couldn’t care less about the game or players
  • Not worth Fixing - “There is no profit in this for us”
  • Working as Intended - They are intentionally trolling the player base
  • Other (please explain)

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Same reason as with previous additions.

They rush out new things without first properly testing them to weed out bugs. (I’m a little biased here since previously experiments/additions have been rushed to hell).

But even that could be due to lack of team members to help work on them. I can’t really say why they haven’t viewed or even addressed the problems. (I just assume they don’t care enough to let us in the know how).

The strangest thing is that no one came to the forum with the words … “We understand the situation and work on corrections” … complete silence or ignoring the problem



That’s why intentional trolling is one of the options :smiley:

1st rule of any QA is addressing the problem and acknowledging it is being looked into. They have done this before on other bugs, but on this one they remain strangely silent…


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Visual glitches are not on the top of their sgenda.
Communication with the community has never been their forte either.
Thats probably all there is to it.


They don’t see it as a major problem

or there are some other glitches they believe are more major

remember how it took them millions of decades to fix raid but took them less than 6 hours to fix the token glitch portal?


There might be a reason for the server restart yesterday.

“Working as intended - They are intentionally trolling the player base”

Hahaha! That’s a really good one, Joe. :laughing:


Guys they are active
Just not replying
Is everything ok dear developers

@Silverbox are you gonna eat me cuz you no chat

“Not enought programmers” shouldn’t be in the pool, that makes no sense.

So you acknowledge it’s a visual glitch :wink:

I do agree, but shouldn’t they at least acknowledge the issue?

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Not enough resources/time/programmers is a common excuse not to fix bugs.

I do agree with you that it doesn’t make sense though as it could be a coding issue that’s as simple as someone typing in (or pasting in) Var X's where there should have been Var Y's. Wouldn’t take much effort to fix.

Great post as usual @cousin_joe. Well thought out.


Very likely, but can be either the final score table which is glitched, or the scores displayed during the war themselves.
Enlarge a bit your scope of considerations. Your starting point - the values displayed during war - might very well be glitched.

People with big egos could also have a glitch. :joy:

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Mirons ego isnt that big, hes just acting.

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I did not mean Miron. :roll_eyes:

Joes ego aint that big, hes just acting.

I didn’t mean Joe either. :roll_eyes::joy:

Darkstares ego aint that big, hes just killing RR members.

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