Poll: Who do you think was the best player in this version?

Hi Dear Pilots, On the eve of the new version of the game, a cycle is closed, leaving great memories in each of those who were part of it.

the question of the week is:

Who do you think was the best player in this version?

Note: the clan flag only represents (clan of origin or the clan that belonged when it obtained the majority of the medals)

  • BestPlayeroftheworld (22 Gold Medals) Smiley face
  • Ogonna (14 Gold Medals)
  • Dewah77 (14 Gold Medals) Smiley face
  • Mirri214 (11 Gold Medals) Smiley face
  • Dead Inside (10 Gold Medals) Smiley face
  • Hli (9 Gold Medals)
  • TimeUp (8 Gold Medals) Smiley face
  • Aegis (6 Gold Medals)
  • Fluffeh (?? Gold Medals)

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Hey Where’s ME! :wink:

20 Character Limit…

Gotta give it to my main man Fluffeh


I am the best player. Case closed. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Grandmaster Fluffeh is undoubtedly the best player in this SuperMechs Version :grin:

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Andernut is missing on that list. Andernut for me is the best player. I really enjoy his replays.

The medals do not mean anything. Hli for example won many medals winning to noobs in 1x1. That does not mean much.

And today we have hackers who earn medals that are worthless.

I think Dewah was a good player.

Yep, medals don’t mean cr**… I can get a medal if I wanted to, yet decided lay low.

I gotta give it to my guy Fluffeh , truly a legend amongst men.

Bestplayer = Bestplayer
She is the best!



As someone who recently joined the game, I would vote for ahs2060, straight55 or Wepwawet. Their replays never fail to amaze me.

Id say Aeigis was the best player for me he was very wise and strong and was always smart

not trying to spread propaganda at all :wink:


The game in this version has more than 4 years, that is to say a little more than 200 weeks of which not all existed the mode of tournament and clans that if badly I do not remember should only have 2 and a half what it does some 130 weeks, 130 medals possible).

What makes in this case that best (michelle has 17% of the total of those medals), I believe that no one approaches those numbers, regardless of how good they are.

The survey is clear the best player of this stage of the game, that is to say to that we should add the different records obtained as winstreak (+800 battles followed wins) consecutive weeks, that is to say the numbers speak for themselves, they are not asking who Is the best player of the last weeks or the last tournaments, or who is your favorite player, the balance will always lean in favor of what we remember is 3 or 4 weeks ago, I do not think you remember beyond.

If the survey was “who is the top most inactive player” maybe I would also win Best (michelle), fluffeh also, I even think that I would be fighting that nomination too :smile: :sweat_smile: :wink: but that is due to many factors, poor ranking system, multiple bugs, Exploits, hacks, finally many situations that make you want to play competitively, and you go to play absolutely for hobbie or diversion no matter what the outcome of the battle.

We must not forget players like dewah77, mirri2014, TigerMask, among many others who have withdrawn from the game, but that made a difference when they played.


Fluffeh has and will always be considered the best player by me gameplay-wise.

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Fluffeh will prevail

Although i have seen some old player videos .i was quite fasciated by best although i hate her typical behaviour xd

Well Said @The Hunter. But honestly I would place u somewhere in that top area as well. Tho you are inactive, and some of you mechs are at a disadvantage, you manage to overcome them and win strategically accordingly to some of your older replays.

Hackers have seriously ruined the game and especially some of the prevalent bugs, many players are finding it pointless to keep playing.

I would nominate you, Dewah77, mirri2014, TigerMask, and not to forget rocco.


yes rocco the toilet master @Fluxeon

Best is clearly the best player of this version. Numbers dont lie :slight_smile:

and hli get most her medals with HTK

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