[POLL] Who are the oldest active accounts on this forums?


You also have to account that some members, like @Misfit and many others, have been here for a very, very long time. But this forum is actually less than 2 years old (Made in feb, 2017)

There was however an old forum that got shut down that went a while back


I think this is when I joined forum . If I remember correctly I began playing circa 2011.





everyone who voted for 2+ years old is not :stuck_out_tongue:


Need 2 months…


Probably Alexander


Alex joining date is 15th feb 17 and even that is not 2+ years old so 2+ year old doesnt exist


I thought I was here for at least a year but apparently not :confused:
I guess for some, me being inactive has caused this.


I just noticed my one year anniversary is coming in 9 days. Yaaaay…


If we’re including the old forum Alex and gaurav win. They’ve been there since the old forum was created in like 2007? I joined the old forum nov 2011 and was invited to this one by fluffeh right after this one was created which is shown on my profile.


Where, how did you find that?..I have an Iphone too so it’ll be the same…


Just wondering, is Joeyjojojunior @cousin_joe e’s old account?


The old sm forum I found.


Nope… i’m relatively new here

I did play for a short stretch pre_Reloaded, got to Rank 1 (which was really easy back then)and quit. That was about 2 years ago and it was not joeyjojojunior


Oh, thanks for the clarification :kissing_heart::yum:


Joeyjojojunior is se77en… top player