[POLL] Which of these Noob Errors is the most annoying?


When you intend for your drone to finish the mech, only for it to do small damage…

(Windforge is the #1 candidate! :rofl:)


@cousin_joe, thats my favourite one:
Remember my dual seraph, dual spartan anti heat.
Now, battling some peep, spawning position range 1, the guy proceeds to TP away from me in the oposite corner, he was on claw with single use tp.
I tp in the next corner, hook, while yhe guy cant move away.


This game can be very cruel sometimes :sweat_smile:

No room for mistakes as a Claw player…

I also find playing Energy vs Energy as a very unforgiving matchup… first to get Energy Drained 98% loses the match


this isnt a noob problem but who cares.
when the enemy keeps jumping out of your range to inconvenience you (even if they dont have anything to hit you)and you cant vent your anger because you will be considered toxic and will be hated.


I have Not learned the range of scope well yet. I have blown it like 3 times already