[POLL] Which of these Noob Errors is the most annoying?


Which of these Noob Errors is the most annoying? (Pick Up to 3)

  • Double Hitting the Activate / Deactivate Drone Button
  • Teleporting for the Sniper Shot and then Realizing you Don’t have Enough Energy
  • Intending to hit the Cool Down button, but Pressing the Deactivate Drone Button instead
  • Intending to Cool Down and let your Drone Finish off an opponent, only to Realize your Drone was No Longer Up (HP/FS)
  • Teleport / Moving to a spot and then Having No Weapons in Range
  • Forgetting your Opponent has a Sniper Gun and either Moving into or Forgetting to get Out of Range
  • Forgetting to have a Range 1 Weapon on Your Claw Mech
  • Accidentally going into the Arena with a Raid / Titan Mech and getting matched up immediately
  • Overanalyzing your next Move or Typing too much and then Running out of Time
  • Other (Please Describe)

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Luckily I rarely put away my drone anymore, but that was a big oops originally.


Jumping back and forth by mistake ( means you wanted to move back and you did but instead of the return button you click forward jump)


Teletransporting me by mistake to range 9 when the falcon fires at range 8 …


I agree XD happened to me a lot of time. I aslo tp at range 7 by accident xd




Where is the “All” option. I’m an idiot with a small brain.


Moving not enough i.e. 1 tile instead of 2.


Equipping my ammo weapon without an ammo module


Oh yeah… i’ve done that before :slight_smile:


Yes, I think i’ve done everyone of these at least once :slight_smile:

I did the accidental Drone Down one just before creating this thread and said gg right after doing it… funny thing is I managed to still win :slight_smile:

@Shabbadoo52 yeah, that’s a classic! :slight_smile:


Double click to change the mech…
when the game is very slow


Most of these mistakes can’t be done accidentally tbh


Hell, I still do it on accident. I just quit when it happens. Losing 2 turns is pretty much a killer.


Also, not really an accident but when you leave your opponent with a tiny bit of health on your final turn in a close match i.e


In the pace of battle and under pressure of an opponent everyting is possible



wanting to finish opponent. (energy mech)
clear win for me.
stomp or annihilation.
decide to shut down twice. (for that QT drone kill :smirk_cat: )
Mfw when i realise i dont have enough energy left.
Mfw when the opponent defeats me.

why am I like this anons?


Someone trying to greentext? Hell naw, it’s greytext now


You mean like this?


I occasionally hit the deactivate drone button instead of the back button.