[POLL] What would you like to see SuperMechs do with Arena Coins going forward?


So a lot of us are close to (if not already completed) our Arena Bonuses. SilverBox says to keep saving the Arena Coins

What would you like to see SuperMechs do with Arena Coins going forward? (PIck as many as you like)

  • 3 New Arena Shop Categories (+10% Gold Campaign, +10% Gold RAID, +10% Gold Arena)
  • 3 New Arena Shop Categories (+ 10% Epics from Mix / Silver Boxes, +10% Legends from Fortune Boxes, +10% Legends from Premium Boxes)
  • Allow Exchange of 1 Arena Coin for 1000 Gold
  • Allow Exchange of 1 Arena Coin for 1 Fuel
  • Allow Exchange of 1 Arena Coin for 1 Titan Shop Coin
  • Other Idea (Please Explain)

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how can we control it ?

Perhaps after the introduction of new torsos it is worth raising the percentage of protection ?..50%…60%…


Other idea is 2-3 Arena Coins for 1 Token.


I don’t find the new Phys torso to be OP… the heat and energy numbers are not very good, and it seems they get shredded for their low resist

In fact… I think Arena was easier today…

The Heat Torso looks to be a problem though :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I’m not a fan of increasing the Protection
Battle outcomes are already too dependant on which Resists are equipped
If anything, I’d say increase natural Torso Resists across the board, and drop Protector Resists by an equal amount


I thought of that, but I can;t see them doing it… especially when they’re trying to get you to spend tokens for Premium Accounts which give you more Arena Coins


I found Arena much harder today… Hmm… I do use 2 phys mechs. Maybe easier for Heat but harder for phys? Seems viable


That thing with drop rate buf will never happen, you know that

How about 1 token for each arena coin?
45x1=45 with premium

Or a new shop where you can buy a pack for 300 arena coins and a box for 100


9 Arena coin x 5 battles = 45 arena coins.

45 arena coins x 5 tokens = 225 tokens a day


We can always dream, can’t we? :smiley:

Since they reduced token giveaways from the Campaign, I can’t see them giving away tokens in the Arena

  • Maybe 5 Arena Coins for 1 Token at best


9 tokens per day… Meh not bad but still meh


Meh seems to be right down Tacticsoft’s alley these days

  • Christmas and New Year’s events were pretty much Meh



I voted for “other idea”:

Maybe something like:

  • 1 Silver / Mixed Box for 3 arena coins
  • 1 Fortune Box for 15 arena coins
  • 1 Premium Box for 50 arena coins


That’s not bad actually! :grinning:

I think Tacticsoft would make the numbers more like 5/25/75 if not higher


The acutal “exchange rate” of tokens to arena coins for the upper half of all ranks (all ranks getting 5 or 6 arena coins per PvP win without premium account) is 0.73333… tokens = 1 arena coin.

Any player playing the game on a pc while not getting any offers to watch ads to get the premium rewards after a pvp battle has to buy a premium account to get the additional 50% bonus on arena coins.
5 * 0.5 = 2.5 = 3 arena coins per win
6 * 0.5 = 3 arena coins per win
=> 5 wins a day * 3 arena coins / win = 15 arena coins a day

Optimal use of premium account for that:
8-hours-premium-account for 22 tokens used for 2 days (like purchased 4 hours before daily requests and PvP rewards reset and then getting 5 wins before daily reset and 4 wins after daily reset).
= 22 tokens for 2 days = 11 tokens a day

So 11 tokens a day would ideally be turned into 15 arena coins a day.
= 11 tokens / 15 arena coins
= 0,73333 tokens / arena coin

Therefore your prediction could indeed be true.
TS might make the costs for a premium box around 100 arena coins.

The reason I set it at 50 arena coins is that a player has to play the game in addition to paying the tokens for the premium account as well as that the premium account.

Furthermore getting the “ideal” timing for the premium account is almost impossible cause players have to work, too, and hence would mostly not be able to play shortly before and shortly after the daily reset.
Which means that the actual need of tokens would be more likely 22 tokens a day on work days (Mon-Fri) and 22 tokens for the weekend (Saturday + Sunday together) = 132 tokens in total.
= 132 tokens / (7 * 15 arena coins) = 132 tokens / 105 arena coins
= ca. 1.26 tokens / arena coin


Nice assessment… with premium boxes costing 75 tokens, i’d ballpark appropriate cost as 75-100 arena coins for a box


I want a lot of new type more gold in the arena type so can 50% of gold in the campaign the nesma thing of xp more like I am level 150 it is not no more 50% of I came a fortune box more own of 50% of currency of the coin or titan and 50% more of the coin of the arena


We were chatting on the Trolls clan page and the idea of Critical Hit being one of the new Arena Bonuses came up

First of all, if this is one of them, I hope they do it tastefully and balanced… not something like 10-30% chance for hitting Double Damage

Reasonal Numbers…

  • Critical Hit % Chance 0-15% to do increased Phys/Elec/Expl damage
  • Critical Hit Damage 0-30% increased Phys/Elec/Expl damage done
    (They might even make this 6 separate categories)

Also, Critical Hit would mainly help Phys… they would need to introduce chances to increase Heat and Energy Damage to keep it balanced… let’s call it Afterburn and Aftershock damage for now…

  • Afterburn % Chance 0-15% to do increased Heat damage
  • Afterburn Damage 0-30% increased Heat Damage done
  • Aftershock % Chance 0-15% to do increased Energy damage
  • Aftershock Damage 0-30% increased Energy Damage done