[POLL]What kind of upcoming common/rare light tournament do you want?

Hey guys
We are know many players would like to play common/rare tournament
However,I am not sure about how common or rare is it
So we need to vote about what kind of item in next tournament

  • 100% common
  • 100% rare
  • 50% both

0 voters


  • Rare
  • Common

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Weight limit

  • 700
  • 750
  • 800
  • 850
  • 900

0 voters


  • Yes
  • No

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I think same tournament would be good. Also you need to wait a bit. Your tournament will lose the point if you make it over and over again.

I don’t want a light tournament.

I want a real tournament.Bring back the GOAT,@El_Metre!


Will hear by everyone option first

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Pls pls pls how do I join I missed out on the one before