Poll. This is a fun game?

  • Yes. It´s a fun game.
  • I only have fun when I win.
  • The only fun part is the chat and / or forums.
  • It’s not fun for me. I play as if it were a job or I had some obligation to play.
  • Frankly, this game bores me. I don´t understand why I’m still here.

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All of the above


This a fun game? No.


My idea is that a game should be a hobby. Something that serves to rest a little or get away from other things (sometimes it turns out).

But it’s a game! It should be very fun! Well, if it´s not … what’s the point?


The poll is anonymous. Feel free to vote. It´s interesting to know how the players really feel here.


Option #6: I have fun during the game, but not as much as a game should give me to truly deserve the “game” title

(I can have fun when I lose or when I build my mech, whereas I can (it’s a possibility) not have fun while winning)


And even the forums aren’t fun, the forum is dying.


I don’t use chat all day for some reason.
Forums is my home.

And this game has turned hell,not boring.


I kinda love this game… It’s addictive… I prefer Warframe…


Addictive and turned into hell lol.


All games, to a greater or lesser way, pretend to be addictive. But addiction is bad when it´s no longer fun. If something you really don´t like, but you do it the same, it has become a negative addiction.


Some things are fun in the game. I love getting L-Ms that i need and opening boxes, although that can be disappointing. I love portals and new items. I like well-rounded mechs and experimenting with builds and the community.

I dislike raid and titans, and luck in the arena. I dislike the incessant grinding needed to level up a mythical item just a few tiers. I dislike how long it takes to get up just a few stars, just to get knocked back down the next day.

Its really just hard to say the game is fun or not fun as a whole. Some things yes, some no.


I could not add that option, but we could do another poll about the best parts of the game.


Wepwawet, why does the poll have to be anonymous?


I plainly dont understand this kindof thread.
If you dont like it, just dont play it…



Yes, it sound pretty depressiv :exclamation:

Of course it makes FUN, but that doesn’t mean, it could not be a lot better (as we all know) :exclamation:

So play it, if it is fun for you to play :exclamation:

Playing it, if it is not fun for you … very strange :exclamation:



I’m gonna add another option: sometimes. Pvp can be fun, but losing because your item drops were terrible is just the worst. Grinding is boring, but seeing your mech improve is great. And I love the forums :slight_smile:


I would also have to say…

:white_check_mark: Sometimes

magicmech sums it up nicely

Would like to see PvP as main gold source rather than the campaign. The 100% Arena Madness event is awesome and hopefully tehre’s more of that. Would like to see some improved PVP rewards as well and bonus for playing more PVP (like 10 wins instead of 5)

Game is frustrating when seeing poor Item drops/rates/premium box loot


People are those who still keep me in this game, not game itself.


Thank you Marija :exclamation: