[POLL] Some Ideas on Buffing Heat Mechs


This is just an expansion on Rovolution’s huge thread regarding how Heat is supposed to stop this…


3200 HP, 115 Heat Resist, and 350 Cooling
We see this thing in the Arena, and others very similar (axe instead of sword) and beating it is…

Literally Impossible :scream:

@silverbox @Mohadib @sarah247 This is a serious balance issue and simply can’t be overcome with what Heat has currently available in it’s arsenal.

And please no one say, switch to Energy or Phys because the way the Arena Shop is set up, that would take months to build your Arena Bonuses up to do that

As always, Suggestions:

Heat Version of Terror Cry/Last Words (E-M)

HEAT TERROR CRY (63) 2-4 Range 185-285 ElDmg 95 HtDmg-13 Cooling 1 Push 3 Uses(16/47 Cost) - (Inverse of Last Words)

  • The combination of Heat and Cooling Damage (which is not available from Terror Cry), along with the Push, is critical for getting the Seraphs away from you, while maintaining momentum towards Overheats
  • This would be E-M and reasonably accessible to most players (unlike Abomination which would help but no one can get)

New Boiler Weapon similar to Valiant Sniper (L)

BOILER WEAPON (L)(51) 3-6 Range 135-196 ExDmg 142 HtDmg -17 ExRes -13 Cooling 2Use (0/31 Cost)

  • Very similar but with Range 3-6. Picture either a Heat Ray or Long Distance Flamethrower (nice little graphic would have the opponent glow red like the Flaming Hammer does)
  • pairs well with Vandal Rage. Nice setup weapon for later on.

Drop Weight of Heat Drones

When comparing weight of all the similar drones Heat gets the short end of the stick.

  • They already do only 75% of the Energy/Heat Damage that Energy does, yet they are on average 13-15kg heavier (double penalty)
  • Comparable Heat and Energy Weapon weights are not overly different (in fact, with a few exceptions, they’re mostly within 5kg), so it seems the Drone Weight differences are fairly arbitrary and perhaps a relic of days gone by

With that said, Heat Drone weight should drop by 10-12kg

  • This will free up some weight for additional or better modules, which heat really needs

Buff Heat Damage

When examining comparable Phys weapons, they do about 16.5% more Phys damage than Energy does Electrical and Heat does Explosive. Electrical and Explosive damage is roughly equal.

  • the Idea is this, in HEAT vs PHYS, Heat makes up for the 16.5% Damage deficit, by cancelling out action points. If they can cancel 1 out of every 6 action points, they theoretically break even (that’s one Overheat every 2 turns (3AP/turn including drones))
  • Now in SuperMechs pre-Reloaded, this may have worked. However, with the 800 Heat Caps and 350 Cooling Phys Mechs seen in high ranks in Reloaded, this is a MAJOR PROBLEM! Heat Mechs simply cannot generate enough Heat to take advantage of their Mechanic.

With that said, Heat Damage should increase by 16.5%

  • Damage-oriented builds get a small but much needed boost in terms of slightly more chance to get that precious Overheat
  • Boiler builds have long been dead at top levels but this might see them come back
  • Energy damage is already 33% greater than Heat damage, so even with 16.5% buff, they will retain their advantage, they might just need an extra heat module (likewise so will Phys, so it kinda balances out with more rounded Mechs in the process :grinning: )

New Weapon - Heat Mines (E-M)

A while ago, SuperMechs had Platforms (game spaces that boosted a Mech)…


They fell out of favor, but the idea is to create a new side weapon that drops mines (just alter the animation a bit). When the enemy (and only the enemy) steps on or walks over the mine, they take Explosive and Heat Damage.

HEAT MINE (L) (21) 1 Range 121-176 ExDmg 158 HtDmg -22 ExRes -17 Cooling 1Use (0/31 Cost)

  • Mine is deployed in space in front of Mech (can’t be occupied at the time)
  • Walking, Charging or Being Dragged over will set off the mine (Hits enemy only)
  • Pairs well with Hooks and Pull weapons, deterrent to Melee
  • Damage in same ballpark as Valiant Sniper, with less ExDmg, and more HtDmg, ExRes and Cooling Dmg

Anyways, there’s a few ideas to buffing Heat, which is very much needed. Which of these do you think would be helpful in restoring balance?

  • Adding in a Heat Version of Terror Cry / Last Words
  • Adding in a new 3-6 Range Boiler Weapon
  • Reducing Heat Item Weights, Drones especially
  • Buffing Heat Damage of All Heat Weapons by about 16.5%
  • Adding in a new Heat Mine Weapon
  • I have other ideas (please explain)
  • Heat does not need a buff

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You took the ultimate anti heat physical build as an exemple. 3, maybe 4 players can build this thing.
Not very representative of a general trend.
Loosing to fire isnt something useable to request a buff. He is runing one of the most loaded account in the game probably.

Since the release of the new drone, i think heat is just fine. Maybe grimhole and sorrow would need a small tweak but thats it.


AHAHAHAAHAHAHAA, you’re crazy right? if so, then buff energy too, since we don’t have so much damage… Each type of mech works in different ways, know how each one works my boi


Sure, then give us one desolation too, as we don’t have such thing for energy XD


Yes, there is no sense in taking COUNTER builds to explain any balance issues :exclamation:

I see Rovolution at Nr1 right now in ranking … with ONLY playing Heat mechs :exclamation:

All is fine with Heat mechs - I see NO unbalance about :exclamation:

All I see is one player, who mention nearly in every single post, that Heat is underpowered, which is simple NOT TRUE :exclamation:



This time i’m gonna agree with Besty, i have two mechs with good cap of heat, and even so, i still suffer from heat guys… i have more fear of heat than i have of physicals XD


Don’t forget to vote “Heat does not need a buff” :exclamation:



Nothing should be unbeatable

Seriously, all parts available, design one Heat Mech that can compete with that

P.S. I do agree, the new heat drone and MPV have helped a bit. I have both but still gets ROLLED OVER by that thing. Heat needs more.


Metre has a 1900hp build going through it.
Its not unbeatable at all. But to beat it youll have yo make choices. Like we all do.

Git gud.


Already exist, its called abomination… And yeah, some guns are only premium itens, like valiant, which i don’t have yet… Deal with that till you get said item…


Abomination does -12 Ex Res, not Cooling Damage… big difference


That is just one build.Not everyone has something like that.You can not generalize.
Plus,with the adition of HeatPoint,I’m having trouble against heaters even when using my heay counter!


Im a definete heat mech…so…i need the buffing.it will help extremely so i please add it!


No,you need a better build.
As I said.With the last update,even my heat counter had trouble.
With HeatPoint on a damage-oriented or even a boiler,you take heat damage thay eats your turns plus a lot of damage.




I belive a slight decrease in the weight department is needed.
Also these new arena buffs to 40% res and HP, har rendered most heat wepons pretty useless.
It takes literaly evry shot that a abomination, supreme cannon, magma, and scope, and hook and 2 wacks of terrorblade to remotly scratch a 3000 hp mech.
There are 3 aspects to the problem heat has:

  1. Heat cannot kill anymore… the dmg it deals it is simply pathetic. Not only the dmg otiented ones, that now hit in the 160-220 spectrum, but the boiler wepons hit in the 2 digit sector. CL hits 80-130 dmg, drones hit in the 1-30 dmg. So a buff to explosion dmg is needed as an overall.
    For ex :
    Spartan/NF/Mercy/seraph vs 114 res, still hits 300+ dmg area.
    Desso/supreme/abomination vs 118, hits in the max 230 dmg.
    CL/Savagery/grinhole/dawnblaze vs 118 res, hit in the 80-160 dmg.
    Magmas hit in the 180-300 dmg, vs 118 res… those are single use.
    Add these dmg for 6 shots, ans you run out of things to shoot, without beeing able to kill.
    So there is litrraly no killing potential in the arsenal of heat.
  2. Weight. All heat wepons that deal dmg, weight 66 kg, and have 3 uses. Basicly a phis wepons, with alot more greater killing potential, weights 46-51 kg. That is a whole module of diference of weight.
    Heat cannot build with less then 4 wepons. And that translates to a 60 kg diference more for heat builds on wepons alone. That is a HP plate and a module… alot alot alot.
  3. Heating yourself vs heating oponent. There are heat wepons that basicly cook yourself more then the oponent. You end up overheating your oponent, but at the same time you overheat yourself. And unlike energy that is regen automaticly at end of turn, for heaters this cost 1 action point. So you end up trading shots, and trading overheats in the same time, but dealing alot less dmg then the oponent.
  4. Bonus :
    There is no sinergy for heat wepons, unless you have a range 2 push wepon. Because all heat wepons start their combos at range 3.
    Supreme range 3.
    Desso range 4.
    Desert range 4.
    CL/Dawnblaze range 3.
    Savagery range 4.
    VR range 4.
    So you need push wepons that function at range 2, and all are premium :
    Solutions :
    1.Heat need a weight reduction buff of 10 % as much as air.
  5. Needa a decrease of self heat dmg, by 20%.
  6. Needs a dmg increase of boiler type wepons(CL, Grimhole, Terrorblade etc) by 20-30%. And and increase of dmg oriented wepons(desso, magmas, supreme, abomination, redocking) of 10-15%.
    This is really needed!!!


hey,about the G.O.A.T attachment,when will it happen?


Never. The Heat Bomb and EMP and HP Buff brings a sense of irregular fair play to the GOAT challenge and I think it should be left off on a high.

  1. I’ve pushed for Arena Resist Buff to be flat rate of Max 20 Points, rather than a percentage. Although this makes MPV a bit weaker, it does solve the problem of Heat weapons hitting for very little and not being able to take down 3000 HP Mechs

  2. Weight is definitely an issue.

And on the flip side, Phys could use a nerf
Spartan 51kg… seriously? That’s a big problem right there. Maybe bring that weight up a bit and that monster at the top has to sacrifice some modules

That’s a good fix

  1. Very true. I focused on the Heat Generation as the Heat Damage to self seems to follow some very set rules

  2. Hence the Heat Terror Cry and Boiler Weapon Suggestions. The Heat Terror Cry is a definite must as per your list and long overdue. The Boiler Weapon would synergize very nicely with Vandal Rage.

Heat will continue to suffer overall as long as the Weapons they need are Legendary only. Heat Terror Cry E-M and Abomination available in the Mech Shop (this alone would go a long way to fixing imbalance)

  1. I’m OK if the Heat Damage goes up

  2. Small increases do make sense


what are you talking about no