POLL :: Reduce Token Prices


I bought the $99 plat plate + 6.5k token offer. And since then I’ve been thinking about that number. $99. That’s about £75 give or take. It’s easy to see those numbers and have no real grasp of hem sometimes. For context:

  • a brand new release of an ultra popular game such as COD or battlefield will cost me $40-60 lump sum one time purchase.
  • £75 can get me about 3-4 weeks of food
  • £75 can get me a bout a years supply of the hair product I use
  • £75 can get at least a 3 years in subscription to an average porn site
  • £75 can get me 112 cans of my favourite beer
  • £75 can get me entry to a night club 15 times
  • £75 can buy me 13 very grood suckie suckies from the good for her age heroin addicted Chinese lady who hangs around the alleyway on the path to Aldi from last years accommodation.

But, I spent it on 1 useful item and tokens which will yield 5-10 more at most in this game. Not even the entire contents of a game. Some items within it.

If the drop rates are here to stay, the only way to make it value for money is to lower token prices.

if You do not spend, would you spend of tokens were cheaper? And if you do spend would you spend more frequently or in a greater amount?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Unsure (lean yes)
  • Unsure (lean no)

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By how much would the cost of tokens have to be reduced to encourage this change in spending habits (if applicable)

  • 10% cheaper
  • 25% cheaper
  • 33% cheaper
  • 50% cheaper
  • 66% cheaper
  • 75% cheaper
  • 90+% cheaper

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TS won’t accsept these kinds of money lowing but alright,i get it.
And no,i would never spend my money on that game,no matter what.


You see,I spend little by little.Around 7-9 euros every month.
I get one premium box per euro.
Trust me,that’s very expensive for one box.
The value of tokens is not worth,with an average of 1 legendary every 5 boxes.
That means,for 5 euros,you’ll most probably get 4 epics and 1 legendary,and that’s too much.

Imagine:a simple epic that you always get for free,priced at 1 euro per.Now,multiply that by five and you get a legendary worth of money.

Tell me,is it worth the money?


I want it all free thanks


Rich people topic



I don’t spend any money on this game… I’d be a fool to do so…


I don’t spend any money on this free game


I spent money first and last time ( On my account) 2 years ago. Since then, I didnt spent anything, not me or my dad.
I honestly think the problem isnt in the price, its in what we get for that price. And the difference between prices. Its either few $, or 100 $. Which isnt really smart in my opinion. 100$ offers will buy only adults with money, while no parent would give a child that money to spend on a game. I first wouldnt spend that money, or ask from parents. Thats how much I pay my rent for apartment ( per month ).
And also the fact that they are really insisting on money as money, its not like it used to be before - you buy tokens and then pay offers with tokens. But I guess thats the way to ‘fight free to play players’.
I think offers should be either more rich ( as in more stuff you get ), or prices lower.
PS. If anyone wants, I can post for what I paid money.


That is 5.7692£/

You must be packing alot of pence with you…when you go to Aldi’s.
Weren’t you offered discounts and things befor on diferent deals?
Anyway back on the topic…
If you were to compare the 100$ value of tokens befor reloaded… to today’s situation… it is certain noth worth it.
If you were to compare to other similar products that the 100$ get you…well defenetly not worth it.
As long as the drop rates are like they are… basicly crap… the value of money invested in the game is realy worthless… be it 5$ or 100$.
Lowering the price to match the drops, would mean basicly getting tokens for free…
This game needs not more money grabing, nor more discounts/ offers(be them to some chosen few or worldwide). this game needs FUN! Needs balance, needs to be enjoyable… to make you play it because you like it… not endless hours of grinds, not money so that you get that item that will help you get medals, or in the tops(by the way… the Tops really suck now, the boring situation up there, in builds/strategy, is in the best case… horible),
The Game needs :

  1. Balance(so that new things can be tried and used).
  2. Creative builds.
  3. Enjoyments when playing.
  4. Fun.
  5. Fun.
  6. Fun.
  7. :goat:

Just my 2 pence


You can survive on 50€ for month


Aint it nice when the suckie suckie “metaphorical” comparison of @Misfit comes with monsieur Metre common view.

Yes, im in ill say. Give us some fun TS. Give us some challenges TS.

Bring back the fricking joy.

  • building
  • fighting
  • value for money
  • chances to breakthrough
  • value for time spent grinding, just look how @L4K3 got a fresh wind simply by getting a claw from portal…

Yes plize


I agree with all of this except for one thing. Why did you actually buy it?


I was one plate away from having all 3 mechs using only platinum so I impulse bought it and have been semi-remorseful ever since. Shrug oh well