Poll: Most exciting SM events/New Features

Let’s see what players like most:

  • Item Portals
  • New Campaign Levels
  • Sales and Offers
  • New PVP Features

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Voted item portals. But i would have vote new campaign levels, would it have come with extended xp levels.



The long lost and not likely to come back… :disappointed_relieved:


Looks like we love item portals the most! No surprise here though.

So @Sarah247 maybe 1 every 2 weeks to keep the game interesting and evolving.

Claw changed a lot of things in arena, as did 2v2 and arena coins. We need game changing elements to keep us on our toes, otherwise things get boring.

New items that can elevate struggling players would be welcome. There is overwhelming support for an E-L HP plate. Making this available in a new portal could help populate the top ranks a bit more.

Think about it, there are thousands of players in the R5-25 range, but just a few hundred in R4-1. We need more players there.

It is great to see new players populating top 50 since the Claw. E-L res plates could carry a similar effect.



Im with you bro. A new item every 2 weeks might be a little too much though. Let say once a month.

Also with you on the plate.

Month is too long bro. Think about it, that’s only 12 new items a year!

Game would get too boring, plus we would stop spending :joy:

Nice choice of word. Will attract Sarah :joy:
For the pace, imagine, you just finished maxing a new item, polishing a build and strategy (1 or 2 weeks time); and boom, new item, you re-enter the process…

Not really. Remember, there are 3 different build types, so not all items would even be worth using.

Then there are modules and torsos and legs. So most items would not even be useful, or require attention or adjustment for.

So you may end up with just 4 items for the year that could be helpful. It’s not a lot.

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Epic-to-Legendary ? Really ? ^^

Item Portals but pls make sure to be normall pls.