Poll : let opinion of community be heard

  • U guys are messed up bad and this is supermechs 2 ?. Is this a …##
  • U are loving this and u got good compensation?

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I personally think this is a scam to earn as much money and then start making a new game @El_Metre @Se77en @Wepwawet @Sarah247


I gladly voted not to ruin your thread. But the truth is that they are not going to do anything.

This administration is corrupt and they care very little about the opinions of users.

They want to sell us the Pyramids of Egypt. They want us to believe that now “the last will be the first.” And they are deceiving everyone.

Now there are people who are happy because they had collected many coins. Within 2 days when those coins are finished and have to go out to buy them or spend 8 hours in front of computer making campaign, we will see if they think the same.


Thank god i already retired from game when i had time xd this poll is just to check the popularity of new update xd and i already know result


What they are doing is expelling the old players, because the old players know too much. And they try to catch new ones who know nothing and are willing to spend money.

But you know one thing? For one who thinks he is smart, there is always a smarter one, I think they are playing with poop and they are going to get their hands dirty.


If you weren’t around before mythicals, you’re not an old player.


este juego solo me daño como cuando te despides de un ser querido!!! la diferencia es que aun los conservas en tu memoria pero a este juego solo lo olvidas hay muchos juegos esperando afuera…y talvez encuentres amigos como los que supiste tener aqui…Supermechs como juego una desepcion pero para romper amistades es el mejor!!!


this community is so toxic


can you please get a grip, kids use this forum.


I am a kid and I’m offended by this post.


see now, you’ve upset poor little zealot and now his parents will have to explain your vulgarity to him.

nice going.





No sir. I’m not going to buy a kigblinc account. I don´t spend more money to all these gangsters. Let Kig rot in his own filth!

I am a professional in Law and I can not stand corruption. I have not burned my eyelashes for 5 years in the University to become at this stage of my life complicit with criminals.

I suggest you do not sit still. There are new rules that protect the Right of games consumers on the internet. You have to find out.


You burn your eyelashes?


It’s a way of saying that you studied hard…


Wep us top players are being fcked over, I think the update from before where you can buy the vairety of item boxes is to make us spend our sm coins because we all thought the best way to spend put inflation of coins was item boxes (which everyone did) and now then they start making coins useful, they also basically made people like us player swho spent money go to waste. An average f2p can be stronger than us old players.




It is that all those who now celebrate and defend the update, are just the ones who do not buy.

Now they are happy because they have accumulated many coins, but in 2 days, when they no longer have more coins and need to continue advancing, they will be the most affected, because unless they devote many hours a day to the campaign, they will arrive To a point where the advance is going to be very slow or almost nil.

This new game is made for you to spend buying coins. Because what gives you the campaign is miserable. Not enough.

Tacticsoft is losing the best buyers right now. Most of the top players are adult people, people who work, who have the means to buy. But we are not stupid. They’re stealing us.

I never thought this would be so. I thought that our mythical and legendary would be downgraded, but that we could raise them again with fusion, cost what it cost. But no. Here not only you have to get new items, but then you have to fused them. It’s a new game.

The issue of the new cooling module they took out a 2 months ago, when this whole plan was already orchestrated, it´s total dishonesty. Now that module is practically useless and there were people who spent a lot of money to get it. The reimbursement of that money can be claimed.

The other pending issue is the sale of accounts. The acc seller has not been banned from the game. It’s still here and the tacticsoft staff is not ignorant of that.


Lol now we got bd ppl telling us update is good . Its so cute :blush: lol such an irony i say all shud leave the boat and go to another boat before u sink with it cuz the boat is going to sink no matter what .


What’s funny is that the only people who vote they liked the update are the forum staff. So, I think they’re being forced to like the update by Tactisoft.