POLL :: Free Legendary Item for Top 3 Clans Every Week


i would only say yes if the legendary rewards are not L-Ms


The issue is that a member can temporarily leave the clan and a sub account in low rankings (smurfing) can join.
Then the smurfing sub account gets easy victories for the clan to get the clan to the next box.
Just before the next box is reached the sub account leaves again and the main account rejoins the clan.
Now the victory count for the box will be obtained and every member gets the reward clan box.
Then that can be repeated for the next box.
So smurfing sub accounts can be used for easy and unfair victories in lower ranks.
The concept of only counting member changes for the next season would prevent that as only either the sub account or the main account can be in the clan when he next season starts.
So simply switching “members” to increase the victory counts with sub accounts will not work.

That is the idea behind it.
You do not need to change the mechanics how the victories are counted but simply have the system only acknowledge for a player to have joined a clan after the current season is over.
Then the victories of that player will only count starting with the new season, too.


Hmmm i see.
Thats not really concerning top 3 clans then. Not much fak are given about an epic box atm.
De ranking mainly affects mid level clans.
In top clans, focus is on ranking up actually.


The problem is, that would just increase the gap between f2p and p2w because mostly p2w’s are in the top so they would just get stronger and stronger.

I would not mind that maybe once every 10 seasons they have a special premium item award that would cause a frantic race to the top.


i feel like there are less p2ws in the top clans than before reloaded because of how few of the L-M items people need to be in the top ranks. before reloaded the only mechs youd see in the top clans are filled with items only obtainable at mythical rarities. now people could obtain items at epic level and still be in the top clans with the aid of a few premium weapons.

but even though, i wouldnt mind if the top 3 or so clans get a legendary (just as long as it ain’t an L-M, especially one that is certainly meta)


imo metrolens was one of the well balanced and versatil torsos (not because i liked and used them exclusively) since the diamond shell was nearly unavailable


It wouuld be the “old way” all over again.
And the old way was good, because myth werent that hard to get, you had a chance to get them fom mix boxes, campaign boxes, and grinding was free. Also there was time were farming tokens was paying of, and the myths were 200 token/pop, even the 600 token pack(3 myths) with a chance of 15%not in inventory, made it easy to get wantes myths.
But thia cannot be aplied here, the legendary price is for some as high ad 500 tokes/pop(packs full of purples), and the only one usable are very rare.
This will provide a huge advantage to the tops, that will grow each week…be those lwgendaries only mythfood ones, they still are hard to come by…
So IMHO a denefenetly NO.
Also remember we had no inventory limit… atm you can get stuck with alot of unwanted maxed myths…that you will eventualy have to fuse into something just to make space.


only for the last few months before reloaded, there was years before that when you didnt get free myths from campaign and got much less free stuff in general than right now. and the drop rates of myths in regular mix boxes were EXTREMELY low. I remember spending 200 million sm coins on mix boxes (back then at a lower fixed price than now, 5k) and only getting 5 mythicals for free. it happens at I’d say about the same rate you get a legendary from fortune boxes.

and in reloaded there are a variety of new ways to get free myths available to ALL players:

  • portals with high drop rates of legendaries (highest FREE drop rates in SM history are in the new item portals which did not exist pre-reloaded and are free for all for atleast a few fuel tanks)
  • much more free tokens options such as raids, free tokens for new campaign mission completion (and there are often new campaign missions such as the weekly portal abd the new 2v2 campaign release) and token boxes awarded for a good arena performance
  • the daily bonus (30 day grid) provides chances for free premiums

back in the day I remember ftp people going to such extremes of litterally refering an alt account of theirs and building it up themselves to a high level for simply 1 gold box (15% drop rate of mythical) which was later lowered to a silver box (I think 5% myth drop rate? with high chances for rares and epics)

these also did not exist for the entirety of the era when a free myth was given to the top 3 clans. for a much longer time they had a more similar box system to now, no confirmed myths only boxes with chances of myths.

the thinsg with chance is you cant just take the high end (2 packs before one legendary) and then exclude from your average boxes which drop 2 or even 3 legendaries. I would be interested to see if anyone has collated a large amount of box opening data from which we can extract an average price to compare to the now unavailable myth boxes, however it is still important to remember these myth boxes were not there for the majority of the “old way”.

but the tops arent all spenders or large spenders. there are some who spend little to nothing in top clans who would have their efforts at making tgeir way to the top rewarded with premiums. therefore it opens a new way other than spending to accumulate premium items. the number of non or low paying members of top clans would be given a chance to grow whereas in this system those who spend less have to work VERY hard to stay at the top especially as new premiums are created. this old system was in fact one very powerful way of COUNTER ACTING p2w.

if you’re at the point where your inventory is filled with unwanted MAX myths, you probably dont need to worry about opening more boxes :wink:


also can @trophy435 and @0ld_Supermechs_User please explain what tweak they have on this suggestion?


well its more of a guideline than a tweak

i would only say yes if the legendary rewards are not L-Ms


well it would be a random legendary including non l-ms and l-ms I assume. thats where the help for non paying high performers comes in :wink:


ye but this will turn into another power gap if L-Ms were up for grabs

and then thatll be followed by ts giving us too many premium boxes

and then a subsequent reloaded 2


A very Valuable for the top three clans members… A bit too much? Just Random Legend would be fine for me


We have a very large sample (76 voters) with a decisive lean towards yes: 59% yes to 37% no with 4% voting a tweak on the suggestion. Might be worth considering @Sarah247 @jonny.