POLL :: Free Legendary Item for Top 3 Clans Every Week


Dont insult mertolens torso! That was my first myth torso ever lmao


Coco destroyed clan because his members started joining reign :slight_smile:


I voted against the idea because the top 3 clans are mostly the players with all good equipment anyway.
So giving them even more good equipment would on the contrary to what you hope for instead just strengthen their hold on those clan ranks and the rewards.

Also who knows if there is not some sub account or smurf inside going to lower ranks to get wins for the clan reward boxes.

Instead of giving a guaranteed legendary for top 3 clans it should be a player individual reward.
For example: 1 legendary item for a player if the player gets 250 victories in rank 5 and higher within 1 PvP season.

That way smurfing to lower ranks would be prevented or at least reduced by a bit and really only the active players would get the reward.


Remember ROGUE… Before reloaded…


This could be done for lower tiers too ^^ but with tweaks in the rewards…

Or no ?

Anyways, your idea is better considering fairness, AND will not help a clan in general to keep their positions ^^


My first myth torso as well loool


Why not just do one of those same “It’s 3 Epics, but there’s a chance of legends” boxes for clan rank like they do personal rank?

Sure, you can’t show the rewards, but they are hardly an enticement to strive as is. Plus it’s not like “being in a top clan” is achievable for most players anyway, so “a free legend” is just a rich get richer thing.


like said later by Marija one of the factors behind the implosion of coco’s clan was reign stealing members. in addition it was generally underperforming in comparission to reign, hence why members started abandoning ship. players dont just decide to jump ship at random, its a very big gamble to switch from current 3rd to the 4th with potential to be 3rd. it has to become a pretty safe bet before anyone is generally willing to do so, considering that not only will their spot be probably not offered back on the grounds of disloyalty if the gamble doesnt pay off, they will also gain a reputation of being disloyal. I think the rise of Reign is a god example that good clan rewards deffinitely doesn’t mean new clans cant make their way into the top 3. its just very rare no matter what the rewards are because top players get comfortable once they settle into a good clan. so its hard to say for sure whether decent clan rewards has a positive or negative influence in terms of encouraging competition, but I believe it is worth a try as it also has the side benefit of allowing players who spend less but play well to not be as harshly impeded by their lack of spending (rewarding skill, not just money).

lol I didnt realise anyone cared about this piece of junk other than bluz, who used it mostly out of necessity. it was so bad. I think you guys have your nostalgia goggles on. there were so many better options. I miss my ultraspade and lavascope though. I semi-regret not keeping them after reloaded (damn inventory limit).

not true, in HTK for instance we have several players who have struggled to get many premium items. out leader for instance, happy poppers, lacks any platinum plating, lacks claws and I believe doesnt have a particularly impressive arsenal of premium weaponry either. he gets by based mostly on his skill level. we have several others, and their are others too in the other major clans but I wont go on. in fact, we sadly had to put one HTK player on a time out because he lacked the necessary kit. had the clan rewards been useful, he may still be with us and in better shape. he definitely had the spirit and skill of a HTK member, just not the kit to go with it.

low ranking wins get less arena points so it wouldnt make it easier for the clan to be top 3. “smurfing” would in fact impede the clans ability to gain the free legendary.

why not both? I think that individual rewards are a good thing too, 250 victories might be excessive though.


would you guys be more likely to support this if the clan rewards were extended to the top 5 clans?

  • yes
  • no

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No - I do not remember 1-day-flies - special if their leader was a bad one :exclamation:



still they won 2-3 medals ( at least) if I remember correctly…

The clan fell when the leader bug was around ( leaving the clan and not being able to give leadership to someone else)…

Anyway, this exception proves that the top 3 clans we’re/are nearly always the same…

I did not mention Shiro on purpose…


Not to forget botclan … best Clan ever …

Won Clan medal with 0 losses :exclamation:

with 0 wins also, which is even harder to achieve



In this way top 3 clan members will have a big advantage,and the difference between those players and the rest,will be even bigger

On the other hand…being in a top 3 clan and geting epics…yeah…

So yes,good idea


I feel like the OP is underestimating the value of a “Guaranteed Legend”, since in my experience this is approximately as valuable as a premium pack. I’m not sure if we want to be giving out 300ish token prizes to 150 people every week, especially since Raid only gives 250 tokens to the 4th-10th place individual finishers.

But making the clan award have a chance of giving a legend, like the individual PvP rank boxes, is fine.


Rogue was top 3 for a number of months, more than just a few medals.

I was there for a long time in between being in HTK under bago and then rei but before being in HTK under Happy Poppers.

leader was NWA. he got cocky. got disloyal to his loyal members and his conveyor belt of players came crashing down when the new recruits dried up. thats how I remember it anyway.

had a pretty decent clan atmospher back then before NWA’s greed got the better of him.

we had made it to a confirmed top 3, often gaining rank 2. I think we got gold once too, it was a long time ago now though.


For lower tiers I would suggest

  • an epic item with potential to upgrade to myth rarity for 200 victories in rank 12 and above in one season.
  • an epic item for 100 victories in ranks 20 and above in one season.

These rewards do not stack but instead you get the highest one you qualify for.
Also these rewards are additional to the ranking reward at the end of the season.

So e.g. 200 victories in rank 12 and above and player rank 5 at the end gives you the rank 5 reward box + 1 epic item that can be upgraded to myth at the end of the season.

The guaranteed legendary item would only be available for the highest reward to discourage players from smurfing to gain victories in lower ranks and to motivate players in lower ranks to optimize and develop their mechs to obtain the highst reward.


Increase the extension to top 10 clans and I think it would be okay.

But I still think that there should be a restriction that works against smurfing.
E.g.: You can have 1 sub account enter for a short while to get victories in lower ranks for the clan reward boxes from X victories.
Then the sub account leaves again and the real member returns to get the last few victories for the next box.
Or is that not possible?

If it is possible then a member change should only become effective after the end of the season.
That way sub accounts could not be used to boost the victory count of the clan.


I was there too and boy did the facebook chat was something… :wink:


I dont know if you are aware of this, but clan ranking has nothing to do with victory count…
Its about the sum of members’ arena points.
And i dont think rewards for victory count will be modified… its already a thing.


Yeah, they work so hard to be in the top ranks/clans and all they recieve is epics and rares which you can easily obtain


May be they should give tokens instead of useless items… At least with Tokens you can add’em up and then do nothing usefull with it but it’s still better…

Like raid top clan gets 150tks, second gets 100 and third get 50?