POLL :: Free Legendary Item for Top 3 Clans Every Week


In the previous version of supermechs, members of the top 3 clan would get a free, random mythical item every week. I believe this served two vital functions: provided a way for talented players who could not spend much or anything to gain premium items; and provided a valuable incentive to make your way into a top clan or to fight better to get your clan into the top 3.

I think it would be very valuable to have a free legendary (mythical equivalent) every week for members of the top clans.

What do you think?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Tweak

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I’m gonna give you a respect to you.
But i’m gonna say yes because giving epics is just unfair.


As someone who was once let in a clan who got Top 3, the prize before was kinda’ bad.

The prize was DawnBlaze, Ronin and a Power Kit

Now, I don’t expect myself reaching even the Top 6 clan, but still this might make the prize more worth it.

Also if you say “Mythical Equivalent”, you know that also includes Purifier and Bloodweep etc. right?


@Misfit That’s okay, take your time :joy:

1 letter a hour…


Well in previous versions you could also get junk myths like a metrolens torso or the energy rockets pre-buff. There are probably better examples but it’s been so long I’ve forgotten most of the old mythicals. So it’s sort of alright that there will be the occasional purifier. There will also be a plat plate one week and that’ll be one to fight for :wink:


Metrolens ain’t sh*t :neutral_face:

I remember making an Account that was amazingly successful with a Push Build Metrolens, including that Energy Rockets.


Semi off topic: does anyone remember all those terrible multi-amo module myths that weighed like 60kg and we’re usedul to like nobody? There was like 6 versions diluting the myth pool. What a steaming pile of horse poop those things were. Or all those orb cannons that everyone had like 10 of? I’m getting semi nostalgic about bad myths now that I try to remember them all.

Good times.


My god I had 18 of those, so annoying and such a letdown.

These Orb Cannons are “Strong” if used correctly on a specific mech build, but yes those are quite “sh*te”, even in Reloaded.


Should be like that since a long time ago. Epic items worth nothing, but the problem i see is: top 3 clans getting stronger and stronger, and other clans being not able to beat 'em.


Interestingly reign originally was a challenger clan to an existing top 3 in the era of a free myth weekly for top clans and they broke their way into the top 3 using up and coming stars like fluffeh and others. So it does happen, just not very frequently. Llyl actually has some pretty decent staying power considering how many of their core players left at the start of reloaded. So either way it will be tough to crack them, but with the right group of players, given the right motivation (such as this suggestion would provide) and I’m sure it could happen one day.


To be fair i can see trolls fast sneaking their way into top 3.


You changed my mind. It’s a yes from me.


My old clan, used to be there, but I think I would be kicked either way.


That’s an other problem with (not about items) …

They will easy stay Top3 all the time, if they do the right Clan strategy …

Taking out best members from Clan 4th - 6th :exclamation:

It was all the time this way, thats why they stay all the time Top 3.

If a member must be changed …

  • inactive
  • privat reasons of this player
  • Clan manipulating
  • etc.

… Top 3 Clans will always take best strongest available players :exclamation:

So they stay Top3 anyways :exclamation:



Ok it’s a no from me again.


It helped Reign that Coco destroyed his own clan and joined llyl… so one of the top 3 clan were destroyed and thats why reign gained power.


Medals should be the prize, the medals are the result of our enffort and of course, of the money spent in the game.

If they start giving Legendary items as prize, the medals wont have that worth, and after some point in a top clan you will start getting medals for free.

Reign, HTK and llyl been the top 3 for years, when mythical items were easy to get, so i think it’s not a good idea like what if they decide to give a claw as prize for example…


Why “should” :question:



It is already stated above.
Honestly, I’m not sure about this either


Does anyone think it would be cool if a clan stays first 3 seasons in a row, all of its members get a special cosmetic for that clan- for example if HTK was top for 3 seasons in a row, they get a paint thats colors their mech with clan colors, and the emblem of the clan on the side or something.