Poll for day 7 and 21 on the daily reward

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‘‘Remember how we get a guaranteed free daily bonus being a myth at the end of the long daily bonus before SM reloaded ? why not have a guaranteed legendary at the end of the daily bonus like the last version ?’’

its what @TheWindWeaver said .

Since day 7 and 21 are premium boxes , why not make them a guaranteed legendary .

Vote here vvvv

  • Yes , add a guaranteed legendary in day 7 and 21
  • No , but add a guaranteed legendary only in day 7
  • Garbage dislike unsub no

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it used to be just day 21, wasn’t that the original suggestion?



I don’t think guaranteed legend in attendance boxes is necessary~
They’re already generous for giving us tokens in the daily bonus~
For me, at least~

Voted for days 7 and 21 because let’s face it even if the item is legendary it isn’t guaranteed to be a Platinum Platiing or a Maximum Protector

Because 30 or 40 tokens a MONTH is generous
Not sure what you’re high on but I want some

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“Garbage dislike unsub no”


Giving out legendaries is possibly the worst thing that could happen. Because, you know people will complain that the OP players are getting the good items, even if they aren’t.

Even if THEY got the OP things ? ^^

You must be smoking some good loud if you think that’s generous

Yes, and they’ll still complain because that’s generally the nature of some people here.

1 guaranteed legend at end of the bonus is enough :slight_smile:

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I vote for as many legendary as possible. Usually when i get them i cant use them. Alot of them will get fused for a myth anywho. It will give the lowbies something to look forward to.

i think u get get more than just 40 tokens a month u can allso get 10 tokens for completing the daily missions. so u get at least 250 tokens after 21 days. (I allways wait until the boxes get down-priced and buy a premiumpack works for me…) :slight_smile: