[POLL] Devs: Please consider Guaranteeing 1 Legendary per Premium Pack


Devs: Please consider Guaranteeing 1 Legendary per Premium Pack (ie. 5 Boxes)

I believe it will increase sales of Premium Packs. The psychological effect of spending that many tokens and getting nothing discourages further purchases.

  • I believe you would sell more if at least ONE Legendary was guaranteed.

I’ve played other games on Kongregate and some actually have more variety of boxes, with some of the boxes giving Guaranteed Legendaries/Premium Items (eg: WW2:TCG by Frozen Shard)

Would one Guaranteed Legendary per Premium Pack encourage you to buy more Premium Packs (this is an anonymous poll)

  • Yes, I would buy more Premium Packs
  • No, I’ve bought Premium Packs but that would not encourage me to buy more
  • No, I never buy Premium Packs and never will

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You play on Kongregate?


Understand one thing: this one strategy of marketing to make money ingame, theywon’t change it, they are changed enough the contents of such packs… More than that would bring loss to their income.


Legy drop rate average is already above 1 per pack. 1 guaranteed legy woudnt change much.
Working on the drop quality rather than the rate would appeal much more to me.
Legy kraken im looking at you boi.


Good past as always Joe .



If you pay them, they mighy thing about that


Pf maybe for you
4 packs and just 1 food legy, that s a bad joke


Im talking statistics. Sample of 4 doesnt account for anything.


Here is something important. It’s not just about guaranteeing a legendary item … but there’s a guaranteed percentage of special legendaries … because you can get 4 legendary garbage in a premium pack and that’s the same or almost the same as getting nothing .

It’s not the quantity but the quality! In other words, a combination of the 2 things: a legendary for each premium pack and also a legendary special every 5 premium packs, regardless of whether you open 5 the same day or in separate episodes.


I have a topic precisely this.


Yeah, but my chat function gets disabled because I’m playing WWII:TCG on another window at the same time :grin:


So better marketing is to try not to make your sales merchandise appealing? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


They could guarantee a L-M item for every Premium Pack. The last time I spent 2k tokens (355 token boxes during the H. Spectral Armour) I only got 1 L-M: a Crimson Rupture, which I don’t need and will use as myth food. Even the rank 10 box was better, I got a EMP which I really needed for my Electric mech.


What would really be usefull, especially since the portfolio of items became quite consistant, would be specialized boxes: torso/legs, side weapons, top weapons etc.

To my knowledge, it was once the case. You old schoolers could maybe confirm that, and how it actually was :thinking:


What’s your name there for curiosity’s sake?


They know how it works, thats why they won’t change, they want you to keep spendign on it :wink:


Yes, there were torso/legs box, weapon boxes (maybe side and top wepaons were separed, I don’t remember that), special items box (Grapple/Charge//TP/Shield), drone box (maybe counted as a weapon) and module box, along the original mix box…

Specialized boxed costed either more or the same amount of coins as mix boxes, with reduced amount of item

Mix boxes were giving 3-4 items (maybe with better quality rate…) per box, while specialized were giving 2-3/box…

There were also some others special boxes too…like:

  • Silver box (increase quality rate compared to mix boxes, and maybe bigger amount of item too)
  • Golden boxes (increased quality rate compared to Silver boxes and 5 items dropping/box)
  • Mythical box (gives 1 mythical item, with 15% chance of being a mythical not already in inventory)
  • Ultra Mythical Boxes (gives 3 mythical items, with 30% chance of being a mythical not already in inventory)(Idk if it was 30% individually and on the rack))


Much appreciated. As usual mate, thanks.



being able to build almost everything, kind of kicks you from the position to talk about this imo.

while I open 5 packs when some L-M item is released and get 1 legendary only.


I just bought 3 premium packs and got 15 purple poop, I’d gladly take a kraken or other worthless legy. At least the shit legys are still useful as myth food