Political Compass


I haven’t done this test in over a year, glad to see little has changed.
So I’m interested, where do you sit on the political compass now? does it differ from where you were previously?

My results:

The test:


There were a couple of questions which I didn’t understand so I randomly selected any option.

Jaymah could you pl give a small overview about my result? Also compare it with yours?
This looks very interesting.


Sure, so from the graph it seems like you’re centre-right.

So with regards to social issues you often prefer to compromise, rather than jump to an extreme. Essentially you’ll likely look to gradual reform as a response to changing society and social attitudes, rather than stand against progress or look to progress faster than people in general are.
This differs from mine somewhat, I tend to want things to get pushed through, even though it might not be realistic or necessary. For example I’d legalise drugs, not just marijuana, and that isn’t exactly a popular opinion, or one that will likely ever get me elected to any office.

Then on the left/right spectrum, you’re pretty close to the centre but you do deviate a bit more to the right, so you do value capitalism as the better system for organising resources, but you believe that it needs to be held in check, businesses need to be held accountable, people cannot just be left to their own devices, that sort of thing. You likely also believe that capitalism should serve society at large, so moderate taxation and support for some form of welfare, as well as support for a moderate sized government that can handle a range of responsibilities.
This differs from mine, again only slightly, in that I believe that the market should be as unregulated as possible. Also that the government should be smaller, and should focus on a couple of responsibilities, such as defence, emergency services and the enforcement of law and order.

Essentially, if the graphs are accurate, we’re pretty close in terms of political beliefs, I’m just a bit more extreme.





Your Political CompassEconomic Left/Right: -0.38
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -1.79


Thanks for the informative insight.
Even though the analysis says that I’m bit hesitant to radical changes but in reality I actually support it. Maybe I marked a couple of questions wrong.

Also about the way in which businesses should be carried out, I think maximum liberty and there should me minimal restrictions but every business should be accountable and follow certain unbiased rules and regulations.
I think as you say if we keep the market unregulated it may lead to corruption, bullying and other malpractices.


Also I would request @Jaymah , @George , @Yeet , @Gaurav and @Germanicus as well as others who would be posting their result to mention the country they are residing in as I believe that culture and geography would be important parameters which would vary the result.
I’m Asian and I’m from India.


Im from america, but just a little thing: Why would we not hear of india? Its one of the most populated countries.


United Kingdom @Hitmo


United States of America @Hitmo


United States :grinning: @Hitmo


i made it to page 4 of the form , but then got tired and closed it , not my glass of water.


You need to have Patience and perseverance bane.



Thought I’d drop mine here, like Jamie it’s been a long time since I’ve done this but it hasn’t changed. I’m also from the UK @Hitmo



Lebanon (Lebanese Republic)