Pointless thread

post all of your pointless/stupid things in your life.
here is one of my stupid things: my life. funny, right?

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how is this pointless?

now im extremely confused…

ngl is now gonna love
tbh is two babes hot
lmao is lick my ass onii-chan

boi why… thats not pointless or stupid, thats just plain dumb

Nah I sure that it is not as dumb as your topic

that was the point of the topic:smirk::smirk::smirk::smirk::smirk:

I mean yea basically…

This thread is not pointless because

… because life??? or not?

Because… because mm ngl

because of how stupid i am? also, why is it tht no one else has posted to this thread…

lmao ngl tbh

I shall post here once, and never again.

okay, cool, at least poeple are responding

You know I was avoid to say this but the way you talking is so fucking annoying go kill yourself for that.

okay…i actually wanted to 2 years ago…


no idea what that is… and anime is stupid