Plzz help buddys


i want to activate my account after changing the password can’t able to activate it i need help
plzz guys help me and no activation code has benn send to my email account

plzz guys do something:)

:frowning: i don’t to losemy account


The first time you register using the box below this activates your account and it won’t then be deleted.

If you have misspelled the email you can go here to change it.

Best way to check if its working is to get someone to activate the alliance emergency function that sends everyone an email.


BRO LISTEN i got banned in BATTLE DAWN GALAXY in g1 g3

bro plzz believe me i play fair my brother maded a second account
and i don’t kno that but when i got banned he told me

bro plzztell the admins to give me a warning and plzztell thjem to leave me and let me continue the era


:frowning: plzz bro do something


sign in to your account via the old forums and you’ll be able to message the admin to explain this.
if you still have difficulty logging on you’ll need to speak to @Alexander.