Plz give me advices for my mech


try and get more heat/cooling, there are a lot of player who use heat mechs

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Your mech only weighs 901/1000…

Fill it up until near 1000. Your heat values will make you lose to any good heat mech, so I suggest improving that area first. :slight_smile:

So,that would be a physical type mech,huh?
First of all,you should improve your max heat and cooling
Second of all,a little bit of extra hp wouldn’t hurt anyone :wink:
As for the third…Physical types mostly use energy-free weapons as side weapons.That means energy isn’t really that important for them.I’d go for some more cooling instead and why not replace the backbreaker with a second annihilation if you get one?
(Energy-free,better range than the hammer,drains resistance)
overall,I’d give it a 6.5.You pass,tho you could make a lotta upgrades and changes

Standard advice, it’d be helpful for that heat/cooling to go up by ~90 points, give or take. As L4K3 said, Backbreaker is kind of useless compared to another Annihilation or Nightfall. Also, fill up as much weight as you can without sacrificing your modules.

I didnt get a singe annihilation across 3 accs, 1 of them is lvl 80+, second is 60+, last one is low lvl

They’re pretty rare, actually. Best of luck on finding one. :slightly_smiling_face:

I didn’t get much trouble getting one… in fact I recieved 3 of them before i realised how good they were and that was before level 50 ish

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