Plz chose one between these two physical build

I have no idea, first one or second one?
First one have problem with energy mechs, second one has problem with high HP physical mech.
Or I build both, I’m work on my second mech.

  • First one
  • Second one
  • Build both(I need some time)
  • Physical are suck( NONONO Plz don’t chose this)

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I’m a physical lover


they are both better than mine so i voted both

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Ok physical sucks


I stick to high no low energy build till silver league, If I go above that u I take an energt engine too

There is not much energy players below r3

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In my opinion, your second mech is better.

You don’t come across high hp physical builds every day, and as you get into the higher ranks, there will be a lot of energy players.

Why does the font change between those mechs?

ok, the second mech has more energy, which is vital for nightfall, night eagle, and
FS. Firewall I don’t remember the stats, but it seems to be energy free… Hence, I chose the second mech to be more important stats wise

I prefer energy free mech…

Even ricemech himself voted physical are suck hahahaha

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I’d say go with the second one;you’re gonna need energy for you have dependent weapons.
Even so,you could go with whichever,for the difference isn’t that considerate…
The first build could last one more shot while the second one could last another round still charged.

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