Pls promote me to regular

Pls it’s been almost 2 month’s now…

Pls promot

Yes The Yo Yo is an idiot right now.

It’s not that special, more likes and ability to change topics name

Doesn’t works like that, it depends on your forum Behavior and Activity.


@Splatter I need that topic name becuz of a joke yeah?

Thank you very much.

O no.
Not checc.

I think my behavior is total nutshelled…
Soo i have no idea if ts blocks my promotion…
But…If @Elcent know’s…
If you said that if i…dont behave…
I’ll stop.
And that would be hard for me…
If not…i will still be here.

Thank you.

Earn it like everyone else :slight_smile:

No short cuts for anyone.


If i say…’‘fuq’’…is that…against the behavior?
Just say yes or no.

Gonna tag ya to notice my questions :slight_smile:

It promotes based primarily on activity. You get demoted if you’re constantly being flagged or wrongly flagging others. So essentially, as stated, your behavior determine’s your status.

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Oh ok…soo that’s why and how you get demoted…
Thank’s for another information @Malicewolf

Here is the requirements…

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You need to perform sexual favors to the mods for that trust level.