Pls nerf energy mechs

Ok so i just found out there was an energy cut and everyone has 2x less energy. How is that fair? Before this, all mech types were somewhat close to being equal. Now energy mechs have the upper hand because everyone has 2x less energy to drain. If you are trying to equalize it, either return it to how it was or cut everyones’ heat and hp in half as well.


Cut everyone’s tokens and gold in half as well please.


kaen, please tell me this is trolling.


Energy mechs are quite easy to counter…


You say that because you’re one lol (You could’ve beat me easly)

True , i can kill anyone quite easily , but only if i get the spawn range i need.

I made this topic before you clarified that you meant fuel. I was panic.jpg

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That’s not the problem, you did mistakes xd, don’t use shield and don’t let me be so near to you!

Hook and Charge

insert thonk

i have both and i usually lose to electrics with like 1500 HP (and i have 1700)

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i easily do 800+ damage a round

(its really fucking broken but i dont care)

See, you could beat me, just don’t be that pessimist about charge and hook, mostly because using charge/hook it’s like losing a turn because the damage is very low. :confused:

true , but meh

that’s true the energy is really really strong and the other clases are going down now i see energy mech everywhere, they do energy break and dissable some weapons and do more damage that’s much i think (sorry for my english i normaly writte in the spanish idiom)They need to be nerfed and i’m telling this with an energy mech in my second account

Looks like nearly everyone missed the point of this topic. :slight_smile:


I don´t think energy mechs should be nerfed, because of following:

  • Because there are 2 types of energy mechs, common energy mechs and OP energy mechs. The ones that really do a lot of damage are the OPs.

  • Because nobody likes to have their mech “ball” because of a whim of TS (or because it seems to be the easiest solution).

Instead I think that:

  • Since the beginning of this update has been given an importance or special attention to energy mechs. The reasons can be multiple, ranging from an mistake of the developers to economic reasons. I think are economic reasons. Nowadays, if you have a considerable amount of money to invest in the game, you will probably invest it, on an energy.

  • We talk about energy OP, those that have 2 or 3 death punch, a top weapon that removes almost 200 energy (which makes it useless that if you have a physical or a heat, place 2 or 3 energy modules, the 2nd. turn will stay the same without energy and you will lose anyway because your HP is very low). Keep in mind that once you run out of energy, each of those death punch hits between 500 - 600.

  • View changes substantially if you carry in your phys or heat 2 or 3 mythical HP plates and myth resistance. But that is only achieved by some “illuminated”. In fact, the mythical HP plates are so rare to obtain, that I have come to think it no longer exist.

My proposal:

  • Eliminate the energy consumption of all physical drones. In return it also eliminates the prerogative of some of these drones to lower resistance. Invent a physical weapon that you can use in ranges farther than 4 and that can work energy free. Remove the energy consumption of “night eagle”. Make charge and hooks of 2 uses at the legendary level.

or (plan B)

  • Leave everything as is and eliminate the privilege that all energy weapons have, of increasing the force of the hit when it consume opponent´s energy.

And if after all that, someone tells me, energys are “weak”, I would ask because then there are more and more energys. If they are so difficult to build, explain to me why people want to have energys. And if they are “weak”, give me a reason why the player who for 3 and a half months has taken the 1st place, has 3 of these OP energy mechs.

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que nerfeen las placas de vida, todos se hacen heat
< pero siendo sinceros, ser físico es la mayor discriminación nunca vista, ni armas buenas pura basura en su mayoría drones usan energía
< desde el principio yo lo dije hacerse un energy pero en este update como dice hunter, si te toca físico ya fuiste, literal mejor te haces cuenta nueva XD!

El otro problema es que si no te salen placas de vida legendarias, no eres competitivo, porque la diferencia es brutal cuando hablas de 2 o 3 placas, tienes que sacrificar mucho para ser competitivo, si le ganas a heat y físico pero siendo muy vulnerable a energy XD1
< Mi propuesta, nerf a las placas de vida legendarias…

Right :smiley: :smiley:

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