Pls help me ;-;

So far I’ve already fused 16 kits and there’s still 109 to go. Any suggestions on how to completely fuse my kits?

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Farm bigboy, farm pvp, spend money, or complain on here and hope for reform.
Thats all you can do :stuck_out_tongue:

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I guess you can just waste them on useless common items…

stay inside all day every day

If you need gold, I suggest playing any “short” campaign on difficult or even insane if you an handle it. They are easy to complete, and gives out decent reward.

while bigboy hands out a lot of gold, the time it takes to complete it is long, and can be boring.

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Ahhh … if I had that !!..

Farming campaign energy is an effective way to get a good rate on gold over time. If you have only modest time to play, then the lowest campaign levels (one mech) aren’t great gold but have shorter battle and minimize on ads. Completing your dailies nets you a few tokens. Watching ads nets you a few tokens. You can use those free tokens to buy more gold.

Summary: do quests, watch ads, PROFIT.

G R I N D in the campaign

That’s the thing though, the so called “20k” coins on insane only gives 12k.

So majority of the solution is grinding in campaign, then should I buy premium account? If yes, which one?


Premium accounts do not affect rewards in campaign!


Exactly, Flux. This is why I posted this:

quit your job/school and live in your basement

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lol i’m stuck at 210 power kits rip me

lol i ran out of kits, now i have to use epics as upgrading materials ._.