Pls help me! i need an answer

hi. so my problem is why are there lock slots on my module section? cause i can only put 3 modules right now. im lvl30 and my mech is pretty bad because of that problem. and i have another question. what will happen to my old mythiclas that are over the inventory limit if i dont clean it before the time runs out? the mythicals that are over the limit will be deleted or all the old mythicals will be deleted?

and thats my problem with my module slot pls answer me asap!. THANK YOU

pls guys reply asap

maybe because they increased the max level capacity to 150 or it’s a bug. i tough they fixed that yesterday ._.

This is correct at level 30 you have 3 module slots open.
This was a change with the new update.
To answer your next question we will not delete legacy items. They will be in your inventory you will just only be able to use the items in your open slots.
Good luck! :slight_smile: