Pls Add a new Weapon

@Zarkares @Ricemech88
I have a new idea of a pasture to add a new weapon you forget would be fine if you do it by the heat


The last weapon was heat,maybe physical or energy this time?


Reinds me of a weapon posted in SM Sandbox ^^

It’s Zarkares’.

eww that’s my failed recolored sprite…

Please give credit when using another person’s sprite. :slight_smile:


I do not have credit I’m sorry I did not know I had to give credit when I take the picture from another person if you want I can delete the post

Edit the first post and add @Zarkares and @Ricemech88.
The original desing is Zarkares’ but Ricemech further took it and edited (killed) it so that’s why you have to tag both.

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how do I label a person new to the forum

Go to your post.
Click this button:image

Then do this @_person’s_name.
Zarkares and Ricemech88.


thank you so much you want to be friends?

Ricemech88 I’m sorry I copied the image I did not know it’s yours I hope you do not mind me

Put the tags on the post itself, not the title.

Oh my gosh xD
I meant below the pic…

the last item wasnt those useless shovel feet?escavators?thrench moistures?Lame spaders?

I meant the last weapon,as he said weapon and not item.
Sorry,I’ll edit it rn.

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Great idea ,just hope it wont be ruined by bullshit difficulty on insane mode like grave diggers again


Grave diggers is a

item ruined by

So what do you expect?

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