"Please wait" stuck. After arena fight


After I won I clicked “watch ad” to get better rewards and… Meh… It happens sometimes.

Sadly I have no idea how to repeat this bug bcs it is kinda random. Important thing may be that I clicked watch ad and went to the kitchen leaving phone in my room.

Internet connection was stable Wi-Fi (full signal) with high internet speed so it is not connection fault.

Also there are some important question:
Do tacticsoft know about this bug?
Do I get:
Normal reward
No reward
Premium reward?


Clear cockies or/and clache maybe?


This happens to almost everyone, don’t worry.

This is a semi-bug, because some parts of it is actual stuff while some aren’t. It’s a normal thing. This happens when you clicked Watch Ad, but SM can’t find any ads. so it either says that “No ads for today, please check later” or this bug.

I don’t know actually.

You get no rewards. That’s it.


Thanks a lot!

Also I will tag @Sarah247 bcs if it is true that I get no reward it must be fixed right now.